The Get Together

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On April 21, 2002 - The family of Martin and Jo Ceelen had a gathering for Jo's 90th birthday. The gathering was organized by her daughter Mary.

Mary received a lot of assistance from her husband John and her able daughters and daughters-in-law.

Jo and Martin are residents of THE VILLAGE in Ridgetown and we had the use of this lovely meeting room.

On the left we see Grandpa John, Mary's husband holding one of Jody's twins.
It looks to me like the baby is playing with Grandma's hair. Behind Mary, is Jody holding the other baby, and behind Jody is her husband.
To Mary's right, we see Mary's mother Jo (the birthday girl), and then Jo's husband Martin.
To the right of Martin is Ted, his wife and daughter.
More details in the following photos.

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