We Are Off For A Balloon Flight

One last look around the launch site from inside the basket. The launch site is where an old saw mill is located. And we were in a small clearing in the woods.
The launch was so smooth that neither Dennis nor I knew we were airbourne until we heard the shout, 'Have a good trip'.

Now as we looked around we could see our perspective of the saw mill was changing quickly.

We quickly cleared the tree tops and could look down between the trees of the woods. The flight is silent and travel speed is very pleasant. Time to look and see the details below us.
As we were rising, we were slowly drifting over the woods. Then we could see a field of new trees that were being raised.
A we continued to gain elevation, we could look towards Barrie and see Kempenfelt Bay. This was still early in the morning and the overcast condition maintained this hazy view.
We could see the small developments that are in the subburbs of Barrie.
Now we were a little closer to Kempenfelt Bay, but well outside the city of Barrie.
As we gained altitude, we got a closer look at Kempenfelt Bay. Here Dennis zoomed in a bit and look at the beautiful view at the early hours of the morning.
It was neat to watch vehicles traversing the roads. To look at driveways, and at the same time look into back yards and see the surrounding countryside.
We found ourselves drifting over a golf driving range. This location also has a baseball batting practice range.

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