A Hot Air Balloon Trip

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On June 17/04 Dennis and I went for a hot air balloon trip. The flight operation is based in Barrie Ontario.

I was given 2 hot air balloon ride tickets as a Christmas present and this was making use of those tickets.

We had tried 2 times before to schedule the flight, but weather did not co-operate in either event and the flight was cancelled. But this flight was scheduled for 5:45 AM and although there was an overcast, the pilot was satisfied that the conditions were good enough.

We met the flight crew at the Barrie Fair Grounds.
The van and trailer with the balloon was ready to go.

Two other people were scheduled for this flight, but they didn't show up and this meant that Dennis and I were going to have 'a private flight'.

We climbed into the van, and were transported to the site the pilot had choose to launch from.


Getting Ready  In flight