Some Games, More Food and then Photos

With all the food options, it was necessary to get to the games. Aunt Blanche was regularly making things happen.

You will have to see her photos, because I failed to capture when she went with her grandsons in the canoe for a trip around the lake. The canoe was popular and it made numerous trips. Unfortunately, I didn't capture any photos of that activity.

And back to the food. Mary Margaret, the food was excellent. And when we topped it off with Aunt Blanche's black forest cake. What a treat.

The Group Photo.

Some Comments

We enjoyed many stories over the 2 days. In the evening Allan launched a nice display of fireworks, over the edge of the lake. The neighbours enjoyed the display, because we often heard the clapping from across the lake.

Tom had prepared some family video which we watched to end Saturday evening. The video was a collection of videos from past happenings like:

  • Piper doing things around the cottage.
  • Sheila or Martha or Mary Margaret doing things around the cottage.
  • My father and Mary doing things at the cottage.
  • A special item was Dad playing cards with Tom, Shiela and Martha and filling in how the game is played. (Thanks Tom)
  • Dennis and Jim in one scene, Brenda and Jennifer in another.
  • Tom claimed he left the camera at the Macinnes house and we had a sequence of events that involved the girls and piper or Don doing things.
Thanks Tom, that was a treat. Thanks to Margaret for taking the family photos, and my apology for not swapping positions so that we have Margaret in at least some of the photos.

The weather was PERFECT. The evening lovely. Mary and I had an uneventful trip back to Hamilton, but there was a lot of traffic on the 401 from Oshawa to Toronto. Our timing was perfect, because we had been home only about a 1/2 hour when it started to rain. We can use the rain, but it was nice not to drive in the rain.

Again Thanks Don and Mary Margaret. That was a wonderful event and I am only sorry, that not everyone was able to come.

Out of bad events there are often good side effects. We were prevented from going west for the summer/fall, but that allowed Mary and I to attend the family gathering. A great exchange.

On the water  Mealtimes