The George Simpson Family Gathering

The following is a set of photos taken at the Simpson family gathering, which was held on the weekend of July 20, 2002.

The event was hosted by the Don and Mary Margaret Macinnes at their cottage near Stirling Ont, at Oak Lake. It was an event, not to be missed and I can assure you that a good time was had by all. The activity began on Saturday afternoon and continued through Sunday.

While the opportunity to catch up on past happenings was a signifigant re-occupation, the opportunities for alternate activities was everywhere. For instance in the first few photos you see Daphine preparing for her first try at water skiing and in short order she was up and made a trip around the lake.

You may "click" on any photo to see an enlarged view, then use the "back arrow" to return to original size.

Martha offered that initial starting information to Daphine, while Michael was offering that confidence boost.
Sheila and Tom organized the boat and were at the ready for the take off.
The launch was attempted and things went pretty good, but a second try was needed.

You can see Daphine was ready for the next try.

And then Daphine was off for a trip around the lake.

When she completed the trip, she came in for a landing that you would have thought she has done this many times before.

Michael was out for a ski, but we were so concerned about the bathing suit, that I forgot to take a photo. By the time I was organized, Michael had been out around the lake and back, so I have is Michael after he returned from his success.

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