A little bit of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city on the coast of the Mediterrian.  I had read prior to the trip that it was located in a valley between mountain ridges.  Well, it is definitely in a valley.  It is a large city with about 4.5 million population in the region.  It is a pleasant city to go walking on the streets and was a wonderful way to start our experience.
The driver who took us to our hotel (Fira Palace), from the airport, showed that we were very close to the National Palace (the government buildings for the Province of Catalunya).
When we had taken the outdoor escalator up to the front of the building, where we could look out over some of the city.  As you can see from the photo, there was a signifigant haze.
We took a peek inside the National Palace, but decided not to tour the building.  It is a beautiful place and to give you a bit of a feeling, here is a view taken just inside the entry door.
As we left the building we walked down the steps,  It is a beautiful time of year to see the city.

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