We had a stop of a few hours at Charles DeGualle airport in Paris.  The traffic through this airport far exceeds the capacity of the infastructure.  The result is construction every where.  Like Toronto, they are adding terminal facilities.
When it came time to go  to our boarding gate for the hop to Barcelona, we were inpressed with the roof architecture.
The building is facinating but I only took one photo.
When we went to our gate assignment, we were told the gate had been re-assigned.  It was a short walk to the alternate assignment.  But then we found ourselves going down several flight of stairs to a bus.  The bus scooted around the airport and then was parked for about 20 minutes while support people got our newly assigned plane organized.  Then the bus continued onward and we climbed the stairs from the tarmac to the plane..

The flight was a short hop (about 1 - 1/2 hours) to Barcelona.  The cruise lines greeted us at the airport and transported us to the Fira Palace Hotel in Barcelona.  This was a great choice by Brenda.

Here is a look at us settling into our room. We had arranged to be in Barcelona a few days early to have time to climatize and to take in Barcelona.

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