Cruising the Mediterranean

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On June 18, 2001 Mary and I went on a cruise with Dennis and his family.

The cruise was generously sponsored by Dennis and his family.  The six of us travelled as unit from Toronto to Barcelona Spain, via Paris, France on the Air France airline.

From the start we could tell it was going to be a great experience.  When we went to check in, we were greeted by name and after receiving our boarding passes, we were escorted to the waiting lounge for business travellers.  Here is a bit of the lounge. Unfortunately the window light turns things into a shadow. On the right, the family checks out the airplanes in the Toronto airport while waiting to depart.

On the airplane  Paris  Barcelona  Monaco 
Florence,Italy  Naple,Italy  Venice,Italy 
Athens,Greece  Kusadasi,Turkey  Istanbul,Turkey