The principality of Monaco

Overnight the ship travelled from Barcelona to Monaco.
At Monaco the ship had to drop anchor about a kilometer from shore.  We were given passes and went by 'tender' to and from the shore.
The tenders turned out to be the lifeboats of the ship.  I thought this was a wonderful idea from several points of view.
  • As passengers, we got the experience of what it would be like to be in the lifeboats.
  • It gives the crew the practice of launching the lifeboats, and handling the passengers on the lifeboats.
Two of the lifeboats are shown next to pier where we landed/disembarked from Monaco.
When we walked from the end of the pier to shore, there were buses waiting to take folks on their tours.  We did a walking tour of Monaco and so first we looked at the magnificient yachts that were in the harbor.
This is a sample of the yachts along the pier that we had walked to shore on.  There were yachts in every direction.
Monte Carlo is built on the face of rock cliffs, as can be seen in the view from the ship.  I was immediately impressed by the way they cut roads out of the face of the cliffs, and used re-enforcement bars into the rock face to secure the base of a road just above us.
Monte Carlo is famous for the car races held on the city streets.  I really liked this symbol of the sports car racing.
I turned a few degrees to the right, where we looked under the arch of a bridge and got this magnificient view of a church that is considered a symbol of Monaco.
We past a number of nice shops on the waterfront, and then turned inland.

The streets in Monaco are of the narrow form.  Monaco is like being in Baniff where everywhere you look the cliffs loom high above.

The occasional small vehicle was seen moving carefully in such confined space.
As we climbed the steps towards the Prince's Palace, we looked back towards the waterfront.  We could see our ship anchored well outside of the break water.
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