Naples and Pompei

When we looked out from our balcony the next morning, the ship was berthing at the pier.  We could see the terminal building and the tour buses waiting for us.
As the bus left the pier and turned on to a street in Naples, We caught a glimpse of this castle.  I took a chance and tried this photo as the bus was turning the corner.

Our first stop was Pompei.  We where shown a nice shop that had collections of rocks and jewellery and most important, allowed the use of their bathrooms.

From there we entered the ruins of Pompei.  This was going to be challenging for Mary's feet.  The path ways are just as they were when they uncovered them.  The paths were made of imbedded rocks.

There was also a degree of hillyness.  Here Mary is looking over the people walking up the path that enters the ruins.

It is impressive to see how well preserved the buildings are.  There is a great variety in the buildings and many are a substancial size.

The first and last thing a tourist must do, is get the camera going.  Point the camera in any direction. There will be much to photograph.

Much of the time we were in the midst of many people trying to see the same things.  The only reasonable way to see some of it was to take pictures the way the fellow in the right hand picture is doing.

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