Once we were on the plane, we knew we were really on our way.  Mary enjoyed listing to the music, while Dennis was just plain happy, thinking about the items in the dinner menu on his lap.

Meanwhile Jim was busy playing games and watching movies on the TV screen. A screen is associated with each chair in the business section of the A320 type of aircraft.  The pair of monster eyes looking over Jim's shoulder are not really the eyes of a monster, but the individual reading lamps associated with each chair.  If you are not ready to settle down when the cabin lights are turned OFF, you can use one of these lamps to read your book by.
Note: there are NO photos of what we looked like after the 8 hours it took to cross over to Europe.  The flight is overnight and only Jennifer got a little sleep.  Also consider that we left about 7:30 PM local time, and arrived in Paris at what was about 2 AM in morning for us (actually about 8 AM Paris time).

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