Sport Car Displays

You can not go near a car display, but you will see sport cars intermingled in the display. He is a small sample of what was available to be seen.
Here Trevor and I look over one of the sports cars, and allow outselves to take in the display of other cars in the immediate area.
Now Bruce, had certain models that immediately appealed to his keen eye and this is just an example. Bruce commented that just over from this car was a Mustang and that has special memories for Bruce.
You can see that Trevor was also checking out the displays.
We found this old racer a facinating car. It is still made of all the original materials. You have to see the details, but in todays money, that car would be over a million dollars.
I suspect Trevor thought this VW camper would be just a nice size for him to go camping. I remember when people used this model of camper.
Now you can just see that look in Trevor's face. This would be a cool model to drive to school.

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