The MTV Display

Most of the photos here are from the Railway, Car and Aircraft sections of the Museum. This was maybe 1/3 of the floor space, but we were becoming weary and time was growing short, so we made a quick tour of most of the rest of the building.

There is a section on appliances from the early to mid 20th century.

There is a limited display of agricultural implements.

We took the tour of the Dymaxion house. This was interesting. When you consider the design was first set out in the 1920's, but had to wait until after WWII to have the materials, you can see that the designer Buckminister Fuller was ahead of his time. We didn't capture pictures during the tour, but you can review information at the Dymaxion house

We considered the James Bond exhibit and there were several of the James Bond cars outside that exihibit, but it required an additional ticket and we were short on time, so we passed that by.

We did see a James Bond type of car. It was an open convertible, with a machine gun mounted to swing up out the space behind the two seats in the car and you could see where it would mow down what ever was in the way.

There is a display covering various generations of our culture, starting with the baby boomers, up the current era. A subsection of that display is an MTV location. They have an MTV type of show running on the monitors and if you position in the correct place you can appear to be part of MTV activity.

Trevor had a go, and then I had a go. Unfortunately I was moving out of the scene by the time Bruce was ready with the camera. I had failed to tell Bruce about the movie mode, else Bruce would have tried making a movie of what Trevor and I had been doing.

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