Factory Power Plants

I first visited this museum in the early 1950's. But as I walked around, almost everything had been collected since that time.

The one thing that I did remember was an old steam power, rocker arm based, water pump. It goes down into the floor at least the equivalent of 1 level and it rises about maybe 15 to 20 ft.

We didn't collect photos of these early steam power pumps, but we did try to capture the concept of the size of a generating plant that was used at Highland Park. It was indicated that 9 of behemoths had been in service at one time, but the single example was already impressive. The following shows the railing around some of the plant. We walked up on the platform and looked at the giant steam chambers, the connecting rods, the giant flywheel and the intergrated generator. The piston travelled 6 ft and the unit operated at 80 RPM, producing 6000 KW.

It must have required a staff of stationery engineers, let alone the amount of fuel to power the system for 24 hrs (a working day).

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