Ford Family Gathering in Rondeau Park

For a number of years in the late '40s, the Ford family held a picnic in Rondeau Park. This photo shows many of the attendees.
I can not put a name on many attendees. I was but a boy at these events. My apology for those that I supply the wrong names for.

Back row starting on the left:
George Reeding (Helen Reeding's husband), remainder of row is unidentified

Second row from the back, starting on the left:
Robert Ford, George Ford, ?? man, ?? woman, Bill Ford, Millie Ford (Bill's wife),
Ross Bowbeer's wife (Jenny?), Dorthy Bowbeer (Harold's wife), Harold Bowbeer,
Lynne Bowbeer (baby on her Dad's arm), Bud Ford's wife Irene, Bud Ford,
Art Kramer (Jane's husband), Erv Ford, Harvey Ford, ??, Helen Simpson (Ford), ??, Velma Irish(?)

Middle row starting on the left:
Jane Kramer (Ford), ??, ??, ??, Neil Ford, ??,
Eleanor Ford (George's wife), Doris Ford, Viola Ford (Neil's wife),
Joyce Ford, Joyce's friend from Detroit, Marion Ford,

Starting on the left:
Glenn Simpson, 3 boys, Eltha Ford (Tom's wife, with a small boy), ??,
Maggie Ford (my Grandma), William (Bill) Ford (my Grandpa), Thomas Ford (William's brother)

Front Rows, starting on the left:
Extreme left Ross Bowbeer, ??, Carol Ford, with Shirley Carney on her knee)
I can not name most of the children, but some are Bud's children.
??, David Bowbeer (son or Ross and Jessie Bowbeer), ... Tom Ford, ..., George Ford Jr,
Mary Margaret (my sister, the biggest girl sitting in the front row), ... Ronald Bowbeer,
Jimmy Gatacre-Bowbeer (Dorthy's son) in front of Ronald (has a balloon)

My apology to those I have not identified. There are names that should be there, but I can't identify the individuals.

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