How to proceed

I have a collection of photos which I have put under some general headings.

For each photo, you can click on the photo to get a full size view. When you are finished viewing the full size photo, use the 'back arrow' of the browser to return to the initial view of the photo.

I have attempt to allow you several sequences to view the display. In general, when you have selected a topic you can use the 'Next', if available, (to view the next page in the order I would normally view the pages) or 'Previous', if available, (to back up to the page you just came from) or 'Home' (to return to this page).

Please be patient with some of the pages. I have put a lot on some pages and that will take time to be received over the net.
Also because some of my pages are very large, your computer may struggle to navigate over the page and the images. But you should have success.

If this causes you a problem, let me know and I will see if I can improve the operation.

Glenn's collection

Topics on which Glenn has built a list of photos.

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