Planting Family Gathering

John and Mary Planting hosted a family gathering at the time of Mary's Mother passing. This is a few photos taken at John and Mary's home in Ridgetown.

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In the back row, We see Jody and her husband on the left. At the extreme left if Ted and his wife (Pat) and family. To the right of the column we see John and his wife.

John and Mary are sitting in the chair.

To their right is Bill and his wife and family. At the extreme right is Mary Simpson.

Here, Jody took over the camera and I got into the shot on the left side, near Ted. Sorry I didn't set the camera up better.
It takes a major operation to get the setup for a nice photo of the children together on the lawn. Here we see the photographer Jody and all here assistance getting the important photo set up.
I think the scene of folks organizing the shot is as interesting as the children. You can see it was a mixed response.
Here is what the photo was all about, but now we have more people in the scene. Mary and John, you have such a lovely family.
It is easy to see that the "old folks" were enjoying the lovely afternoon with each generation doing its thing.

A wonderful gathering John and Mary. Thank you for the great hospitality.