The Calgary Stampede

We arrived in Calgary a few days before the Stampede, but camping was a problem. It seems you need to book months ahead, because the Stampede is so popular. We stayed a couple days in Calgary (getting a lot, 1 day at a time).

To enjoy Calgary, we had a look outside the city and found a nice spot about 40 KM east of Calgary. There we stayed for a week.

Now the Stampede parade is the opening day event. A BIG EVENT.

The parade started about 10 AM, as continued past the spot where we were observing until past 1 PM. Thus you are going to see a lot of photos. I used over 3 rolls of film.

The photos are not in the order of the parade.

I start with a covered wagon pulled by oxen, and than a group of railroad enthusiasts.

The fire department had there entry in the parade, a group of visiting mounted Shriners.
There were many bands from all over North America at the event. Some bands were from Europe.
Lots of floats in the parade.
Nearby in the Rockies is the Athabasca Ice Field. For decades tours on to the glacier has been available. My first time to the area, we were taken a distance along the side in a van, then we got into a Bomadier half track to a tour of over glacier.

Today, the volume and methods have changed. They take you in a fleet of buses, and then transfer to a large unit that is a conversion of an oil field transport vehicle. You sit maybe 6 ft above the ice and the wheels are at least 6 ft tall.

Here in the parade we see one of the transport buses that they used a few decades ago.

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