A Visit To Fort William

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After my retirement in 1999, we started our trip west by stopping in Ridgetown to see my Dad and show him our travel configuration. From there we crossed into Michigan via Sarnia and travelled up to Sault St Marie Mich.

As this was towards the end of May, the tourist business was slow and thus our first night camping was basically by ourselves.

The next day we continued our trip by crossing back into Canada and travelled the north shore of Lake Superior to Thunder Bay.

Because our pace was easy, we stopped one night on the north shore of Lake Superior before continuing to Thunder Bay.

We stopped at Thunder Bay for a couple days. We had been in the area before and wanted to revisit some the things we had enjoyed in the past.

We first revisited Fort William. Now if you approach from the wrong direction, you can see why it is called a Fort. How do you get past the barrier?

Aha, here is a hint, we see the natives transporting a Montreal canoe. I wonder if they know it would go easier if they put the canoe on the water?
Now we see, they on their way to capture more furs. We don't know if they speak English or French. We better try going inside.
Mary thinks this is a great place to select her next fur. Here she is trying out a few. Now we can't see that good because the light depends on the open doorways.
I suggested to Mary we could see the fur much better if we took it out into the light. Just walk casually and maybe no one will notice.
What a shame we have to leave the fur behind.

There is much to see at the Fort and it took us the rest of that afternoon.

Next day we went out to Amethyist mine (Mary's birth stone) and enjoyed looking over the site again. We also did stops along the road side and Mary picked a lovely set of flower from the road side. We put the flowers in a vase in the Motor Home, but I screwed up the photography and my pictures didn't turn out.

And now, on to Winnipeg for our next stop.

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