Surrey, BC

Destination for the trip was Surrey, BC. My brother-in-law had advised us that they lived for a while at Peace Arch Campground in Surrey and liked it very much. He recommended that location to us, for our stay in the Vancouver area.
Here is the front of the office at Peace Arch Campgrounds. You can see they do a marvelous job of maintaining their grounds.
Here is a look at the entrance drive way. No wonder the grounds are fully occupied. While we were they, they were adding addition sites.
And look at the wonder camp site we were lucky to get. It was on the end of a row, and abt 50 ft from the laundry facility. Notice how they are using shrubs to increase the privacy between lots.
Peace Arch Campground is between this major road in Surrey and a highway that provides access to Vancouver.

You can see we are in easy viewing range of the Coastal mountains and If I was to look over my right shoulder I can see a mountain in the US that is about 90 KMs away.

The campground is in this valley. The valley has a lot of fruit farms and we had a continuous supply of local grown blue berries and other fruit.

Convenient for us, is Martin and Bep's house which was only a few KM from the campground, and our friends Grant and Ellen Neal live about a KM from Martin and Bep. Further, the campground is about 8 KMs from the US border, about 20 KMs from downtown Vancouver, and maybe 5 KM from White Rock which is a recreation place located on the ocean front, and has been the retreat for Vancouverites for decades.

One of the activities we enjoyed was heading up the Fraser river to just above Hope, BC. There are many areas along the river which are open for prospecting for gold. In the photos you see our gang trying there prospecting skills. The river levels were high, but not the gold. I said I would be happy if they recovered enough gold that I could buy a hamburger on the way home. Later I reduced my request to French fries only. And later still, I waited until I got home.

Now in fairness, they did bring home some gold dust, but no nuggets on that day.

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