A Visit To Winnipeg

This was our first visit to Winnipeg. We stayed at a camp ground at the south of the City and took an all day guided tour of the City. We were picked up at the camp ground and transported to where the Double Decker Bus waited. For the morning we went in and out of building in the City and included stops in the old French section and we were shown the Manitoba Parliment buildings.
The bus would stop and we would have maybe a 1/2 hour to tour a site. In this case it is an impress old church with the associated grounds. The church is much as it was in the old days.

Here Mary is ready to get back on the bus and continue to the next point of interest.

We had a nice walk around the Manitoba Legislature. You can see they keep lovely grounds.
One of the stops was at a beautiful set of gardens that are part of Winnipeg. We were surprised to learn that an artist who prepared a scupture for the gardens at Mrytle Beach had been told the location is for American artist ONLY.

So the artist arranged with the City of Winnipeg to display his work in this garden. Now that is Winnipegs big win. The front part is a flower garden, and the back part has all these status mixed in with the garden. I have captured but a couple of photos to give some feel for the place.

The artist's studio is on the grounds and you can see work that is being performed.

The bus tour ended near mid day, and dropped us at the river boat to have a trip on the Red River, including lunch on board the boat.

They had to cut the trip a little short and we had to use a temporary point for embarking/disembarking. This is spring and Red River was very high. So high they couldn't use there normal dock. And the boat could not pass under some of the bridges.

We still had a great trip and it was nice cruising at the leasurely pace on the river. The lunch was great, and a nice selection on the menu.

At the end of the tour we were taken back to our camp ground. It was a pleasant experience and we had to decide if we would stay a little longer.

But the west beckoned and so the next day we headed west.

We followed the TransCanada until Brandon where we went north through Riding Mountain Park. As we passed through, some deer were along the side of the road. From the park, we continued to Dauphin and then went west to Yorkton, Sask via the Yellow Head trail. Now we started to look for camp sites.

No immediate luck until we saw a sign point off to the north. Well abt 30 KM latter we came to a provincial park, but it could not handle our big equipment. We had to do some difficult turning around on the road because they didn't have a suitable turn around spot.

We asked if there was any camping nearby and they advised a private golf club was maybe 10 KM away. Over night camping should be available there. Well that was correct. A nice country golf club, with abt a dozen concrete slabs to set up camping on. But we were TOO BIG. But they were not busy so we camped cross wise and took up a couple of spots. They had electric power and that solved our needs.

Next day, Sunday, we continued west. As we were passing through Lloydminister, the pin dropped out of our car dolly and we had to stop immediately. Fortunately the pin was only a few 10's of meters back and we were able to continue on. I had to use a nail to secure the pin because we had lost the normal safety device.

We got to Saskatoon. A wonderful camp ground there and on Monday morning I found a shop with RV stuff and the shop had the safety device that we lost. I replaced the nail and found that I had lost a hub cap on the Motorhome. They had a replacement, which I bought and installed.

Originally I had planned on taking in a number of things around Saskatoon, but by now I was a bit rattled, so we resumed our trek west.

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