Letter from Thomas Ontario Simpson
to John W. Simpson - 1884

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Mosa       the 5 “ November 1884

Dear brother i take this opportunity of writing you a fue lines to let you know that wee are all well at present hoping this will find you and yours the same, i am shure you will be wondering why you are not hereing from me before this time the reason why i have poor luc in Collecting your money in, however i have got apart of it which i send to you this note

I seen John Coyne a fue days after you went home he told me he wan not Just prepared to pay his, he said that he was going your way in a fue days and he would call and see you about it i seen Newport 2 or 3 times at last he paid $30 and said he would raise the balance in a short time Robert Braithwart paid his yesterday 6 days over due, i seen Duncan Stewart to day again he promised me failfull that he would pay it in a week therefore i will send it i seen Paterson yesterday at the fair he told me he thaught he would settle his soon

William Newport $30”00/100
Duncan Stewart 25” 26c
Robert Baithwart 216”24
Total - $271”50

This amount i remit to you at present

I am sorry that i could not send you this sooner it appears to be verry dull times to collect money this year however i will do the best i can in getting the rest as soon as i can Wee had a middling good fair yestarday not so many Cattle out this year as there was the last 2 or 3 years wee took out 13 sold them then i bought 19 sold them mader $2 a head $3c

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I was at Janes to day they are all well she thinks that thay will sell the Land up west intends putting it through the Cart at once. Betsy is still there yet as wee have not came acrost any place yet i am thinking of Buying out John Grover there is two hundred dollars between us yet Asking $3000 Bid 2800 if wee Bargain i think she will go there to live, i think it a mutch better place for her and family than Glencoe convenient school & Church

I have not done any thing with the property in glencoe yet John you can hardly think how i miss Mother and Father now, especily when i see the vacant house sutch a Contrast, no kind Father nor Mother to meet us at the doore with that ever kind welcome home sutch as wee never failed To Get enquiring after our welfair John i hope these thoughts will [????? - Surly?] bee cherished and never for Got

I think i have not any thing further to write at present that would be interesting , as i am sutch a poor hand to rite Letters so you will excuse me for this time

You will please write soon and lett us here how you are getting along, so Good By, Kind Love to all

From your affectionate Brother and sister
T. & C. Simpson

[Note: Both parents of Thomas Simpson had passed away less than 6 months before this letter was written. When Thomas refers to “your affectionate Brother and sister” he means “sister-in-law”. In 1884, Thomas had only 2 living sisters - Jane and Betsy. Thomas’s wife’s name was Catherine (Katie).]

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