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Benjamin W Willson, for many years Ridgetown's leading citizen, was born in Howard Township outside the town limits in 1847. From l872-1878 he was engaged in farming and cheese making. In the latter year he moved into town and for a quarter of a century was a leader in the grain and produce business in partnership with the late D. Cochrane. For four years he was Reeve of Howard Township; 4 years County Commissioner and 4 years was Mayor of Ridgetown. In 1882, Mr Willson was Warden for Kent County. In 1883 he contested East Kent for the Ontario Legislature and in 1904 for the House of Commons, in the Conservative interest. For several years he was the license inspector for East Kent.

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George Lozar came to Ridgetown in 1863, from the United States. He was a cabinet maker by trade and built the mill now owned by Frank Wheeler. He sold the mill to Charles E. Scane in 1874, finally taking in his son-in-law Thomes Buller. Scane later retired and Buller continued until his death in 1907. This is one of the 2 early industries that are still giving service. Lozar also built the large hotel on the south side of Maln Street called the Anderson and now owned by Frank Green.

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Lloyd Deane, well known local athlete won further fame in the world of sports last week when he won the O.A.C., intra-mural boxing championship in the 155 pound class.

Lloyd is a second year student at Guelph and although he has always starred in track and field events as well as hockey and soft-ball, he never went in for boxing until this term, but once he started he was not long proving that he could more than hold his own even though he lost his right arm in a grain-binder accident when he was three years old.

Along with all the sports already mentioned Lloyd also plays basketball, soccer, volley-ball, billiards and bowling. His favourite sport of all, however, is hunting and every time he comes home to his father's farm he is out tramping the fields looking for game and generally gets his fair share.

Lloyd hopes ultimately to become a teacher. After graduating from O.A.C. he hopes to take a course in athletics and possibly instruct in that line, which shouldn't be too difficult for a boy with his courage and ability.

Lloyd's mother, Mrs. W. Deane, is a member of the Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.