Recreation Award to Harry Stennet
February 1st, 1962

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At a meeting of the Recreation Committee held at Ridgetown Arena Monday evening it was unanimous decision of the board that the 1st award for outstanding Service to the Recreation programme or the Community should go to the Late Harry Stennet, former clerk-treasurer of the town of Ridgetown, His contribution to the establishment of Churchill Park, which has since been renamed "Stennet Park", will always be remembered.

The presentation of the certify for the Award was accepted by Arthur Stennet, eldest son, on behalf of the family, the citation at the banquet read as follows.

The Late Harry Stennet.

No name Stands out more than that of the Late Harry Stennet when one thinks of Recreation in Ridgetown.

His pet project was perhaps the development of the Park that bears his name, but once completed, for years he almost single-handedly promoted the activities that could be accommodated there. No one, in the town's history gave as much voluntary time as he to promote healthful recreation during a certain period.

That period was mostly before a Recreational Programme was sponsored by the town and at a time when such leadership was most necessary. Mr. Stennet's interests in Recreation included all branches of sports. He helped to promote handball; he was a booster of basketball and a regular attendant at games. He never missed a vocal track and field meet and he devoted a great deal of his time to promote softball, He was also interested in dramatics and took an active part, appearing on stage in several roles.

He was one of the originators of a Recreation Programme for Ridgetown and when clerk of the town was probably the first one to see the wisdom of passing a by-law to put recreation in Ridgetown on a sound basis where a well-rounded programme would be assured and governments grants would assist financially.

For these reasons, the Recreation Committee went back beyond 1950 to name the Late Harry Stennet for an award and are Proud to present a member of his family a certificate of appreciation for his outstanding contributions.

Mr. Stennet was a highly respected citizen of the town having held different appointments over a period of years Chief amongst them was Police Magistrate and Secretary of the Public School Board,

Mrs. Stennet, the former Nan Delmege was a patient in the Barnwell Nursing Home in her later years. Mr. Stennet succumbed of a heart attack at the Nursing Home while making his daily visit.

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.