Pioneer Settlers of Howard Township South

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John Crawford - 1802. Settled on the lake shore adjoining the Howard, Harwich townline, the first white settler to settle in the mighty forest of Howard Township. This property later became Col. Patterson's at Eatonville.

Joseph & Edward Hackney - 1812. Settled on the shore of Rondeau, later moving to Lot 88, Howard Township in 1815.

The Cull Family - 1817. This family moved into the neighborhood of which Morpeth now forms a centre. There were 6 in number named John, William, Samuel, Jesse, James, and Thomas.

James Cull, who owned the lot forming the northwest part of the village, diligently urged the village be named Jamesville, but the name Morpeth was conferred upon it by choice of the people in honour of Lord Morpeth, a kinsman of Col. Talbot.

Joseph & Robert Woods - 1816. These men were Nova Scotians, the pioneers upon the site of Morpeth. The former's son, James, cut the first tree on the site of the village.

John Desmond - 1818. Afterwards became one of the most prominent men in the Township.

Nicholas Cornwall - 1818. Came to the Talbot settlement from the River front and later built a mill on his new location.

Edward Lee - 1826. Opened the first store in Morpeth.


Edmund Palmer. Son of David Palmer, a Talbot Street pioneer, has the distinction of cutting the first brush-heap upon the site of the town of Ridgetown. He, in company with Alex. Marsh, who took up his residence in 1823, becoming the pioneer of the Ridge Road on Lot 9, Concession 10.

Edmund Mitton- 1824. Located on Lot 10, Concession 9. Several families settled about the same time including John Willson, John Scane, James Watson, Richard Tyherst, and Ebenezer Colby. Others connected with the early settlement of the Ridge were Thomas French, George John and Henry Reeder, Levi Cornwall, James Scafe, John Palmer, David McKinlay, Thomas Dickson, Samuel Kitchen, John Byhurst and Richard Rushton, who gave the name to Rushton's Corners to that district.

Scottish Settlers. Howard Township had a number of Scotch settlers come in 1819 among them the McKinlays - Duncan Robert and Peter, who settled between Talbot street and the Ridge. The Campbell Clan followed. A number of them had resided in Utica N.Y. others came from their Nova Scotian homes and formed a colony of Campbells extending over nearly half the township. Members of the Cameron, McDonald and McGregor families filed into the township about the same time.

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.