A.J. Sales Co. Ltd. of Ridgetown Sold to Kysor Industrial Corporation of U.S.A.

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It was 16 years ago Jan. 16, 1948, Mr. Sales started his business in the old Monk barn, later buying a building from Ward Buller on Erie Street South. This building has been expanded 3 times and is still expanding with a warehouse in the making. Also bought the Chatham Plating Ltd.

Principal product is produced by the new owners who recently bought Sales Company out is the Kysor Industrial Corporation of U.S.A. whose main office and plant is in Cadillac, Michigan.

They manufacture automatic radiator shutters for the motor truck industry throughout the world. Truck cab heating and air conditioning are also produced. They are prominent in producing temperature control equipment for the diesel locomotive producers as well as motor bus and larger engine manufacturers. This will give expansion of Kysor in Canada.

Mr. A.J. Sales, President will still remain as President and becomes a member of Kysor management staff and no changes in his personal staff for the present. Sales Company has been producing many small parts for the motor car industry.

The new company will still export to U.S., using Ridgetown as the base for expanding shipments to world markets. Mr. R.A. Weigal, President and D.R. Ferris, Vice-President of the parent company, both will be directors of the new Canadian firm.

Some of the present Ridgetown personnel are Doug Green, Vice-President in charge of engineering with Kenneth Morrell, assistant; Robert Hills, secretary, also of the new firm. Charles Evans, Vice-President in charge of production, Warren F. Payne, factory manager of the parent body and a director of the new firm.

At present, 114 men are employed.

by Thompson and De Cook

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.