Tube Turns of Canada, Limited

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On April 10th, 1956 - terms were completed with Tube Turns of Canada to purchase the P.D. Bates plant in Ridgetown. Success of this deal is given by the untiring efforts of the Chamber of Commerce men John Roberts, Harold Bates, and Charles Evans, also Mayor Monte Anions and his council.

Firstly, Mr. Charles Carrol, President of Bookshelf Bindery, Ltd. had faith to purchase the empty plant from Progressive Welders (Canada) Ltd. and who worked hard to secure new industry to fill the plant. Also problems dealing with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company in relation to the plant, in all the Chamber of Commerce worked 15 months, seeking out relatives of deceased people formerly associated with the lands to obtain a clear title such as the heirs of Moody Estate, the Watson Estate and then get new deeds from trust companies, railways and banks. It meant contacting people from California to Montreal, several personal trips by Mr. Roberts to Toronto and other cities to get clear titles.

The Tube Turns started in Chatham in 1949; 1st of the Tube Turns in Canada is a subsidiary company of Tube Turns of Louisville Kentucky, U.S. Most of the employees, 15 men, came from Chatham when the plant came to Ridgetown.

Their machinery made welded pipe fittings up to 12 inches in diameter. Orders can be shipped out the same day as received, thus keeping trade in a highly competitive market.

Now at present, April 1963, they have more machinery to handle orders for pipe fittings up to 34 inches in diameter and have 45 men employed at present time.

Mr. James Battist is the President of Tube Turns of Canada, Ltd.

[Handwritten note: 1963 - Mr. Battist is no more with Tube Turns.]

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.