Conklin Planing Mills in Ridgetown 1958

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The Conklin Planing Mills Limited of Kingsville has purchased the lumber yard from Wheeler Lumber and Builder's Supplies; Mr Wheeler will continue as manager and the present staff will be maintained. This is the eighth lumber yard owned and operated by the new firm.

The Wheeler Lumber and Builder's Supplies purchased the yard in 1944 and has served the public well since that time. Mr. Wheeler has taken an active part in the community, associated with Ridgetown Chamber of Commerce, Ridgetown Rotary Club, Marsh Street Baptist Church, Red Cross Society, Boys and Girls Band, also was a member of the Town Council for two years.

The Conklin Family, whose company has succeeded to the business of Wheeler Lumber in Ridgetown has been identified with the lumber trade in Essex County during the past seventy-five years. It is a fact since the late Dave Conklin went to work in the timber woods ninety-six years ago, at the age of eight.

In 1884 he began his own saw-mill and planing mill near Kingsville and continued the saw-mill at this location until his death in 1952. Mr. David Conklin was joined in the business by his son, the late William T. Conklin. In 1903 the saw milling and planing mill businesses were operated, and the planing mill machinery was moved to Kingsville to its present location; under the direction of William T. Conklin until his death. During the past summer, he expanded the business during his lifetime to the point where he was operating seven retail outlets in various towns in Essex County.

The present owner of the Conklin lumber business is William David Conklin, Q.C., who joined his father in the business in 1945, devoting all to the business since 1949 when he discontinued the practice of law in Kingsville after thirteen years. Beside his lumber business he is also very active in community affairs in the various towns where he carries on business.

Among other interests; Mr. Conklin is a member or Ontario Water Resources Commission, and was a member of the investigating committee which preceded the commission.

He was mayor of Kingsville for two years, also active in service club, church and youth activities.

Mr Conklin said of Mr. wheeler he is most reliable in his dealings and highly competent to advise on building and financing problems.

Mr Wheeler is now in business for himself selling paints, and wallpaper and many other things.

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.