Trinity W.A. Celebrate Silver Anniversary, 1950

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Mrs. F.L. Sifton was the first president, and Mrs. Austin Walters, Vice President.

The Women's Auxiliary of Trinity Church, Howard, celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary at the Rectory, Wednesday afternoon, with guests attending from Windsor, Chatham, London, Ridgetown, Rodney, Morpeth and Clearville.

The President, Mrs. C. Shipp, presided and welcomed the guests. The Diocesan President, Mrs. A.C. Calder, brought greetings from the Diocesan, and Mrs. Billingsley, Deanery President, spoke for the Deanery.

Mrs. F.L. Sifton read the history of the Branch, covering the past quarter of a century. She said there is no record of the congregation of Trinity Church having had a women's organization during its first seventy-five years, but it is known that in later years the women wished to have a missionary society.

Names of Officers.

With the encouragement and co-operation of the late Albert Walters, a branch of the Women's Auxiliary to the M.S.C.C. was formed on October 23, 1924. The Rector, Rev. F.V. Abbot, presided and named Mrs. F.L. Sifton, President, Mrs. Austin Walters, Vice-President and Mrs. J.W. Mason, Secretary-Treasurer. Mrs. F. Anderson, Diocesan President, delivered the inaugural address. Of the sixteen women whose names were enrolled, eleven are now living. Eight women have served as President and three as Treasurer.

The attractive tea table was covered with a lace cloth and centered with a three-tiered cake flanked with tall white tapers.

Mrs. C.E. Desmond and Mrs. F.L. Sifton, both charter members, poured tea and Mrs. John Marn of Windsor, a charter member, cut the cake.

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.