S.S. No. 4, Green's School

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The first schoolhouse was a log building, built in the year 1848 on the corner of Moore's Sideroad and the eleventh concession road, about a mile east of Highway 21.

This school was opened in 1850. Evening classes were held and the students and adults were to bring their own candles for lighting. A Mr Carson taught music and a Mr Little taught writing in this early log building.

In l856 we have the record of the first minutes of an Annual meeting. John Patterson, Secretary, Arch. McDiarmid were chosen Trustee and Miss Mary Campbell, teacher (the first teacher of whom we have record). She received her last payment in March 1857 which left a balance on hand of $4.25 - the teacher receiving $3. W. Latimer was collector.

In the copy of minutes of annual school meeting January l4, 1857 it was unanimously agreed that parents or guardians should pay four York Shillings per quarter for each pupil and the remainder of the teacher's salary was to be raised by a local tax on the section. Levi Green elected trustee, Arch. McDiarmid Secretary-Treasurer.

On February 2, Miss Flora Campbell was hired as teacher for six months for the sum of eighty-four dollars.

On February 1,188, Miss Grout was hired as teacher for six months for the sum of $10 a month, the lowest salary on record in this school.

In January 1862 at the annual school meeting it was unanimously agreed that there should be free school in section No.4. and that the teachers salary be raised by rate on the property. John Patterson was appointed Auditor, A. McDiarmid Secretary-Treasurer. In the year i860 the average attendance 9-1/2; number of children of school age in the section was 27; total number in Section - old and young - 106.

On January 29, 1870, at a special meeting in the schoolhouse of which due notice was given, it was agreed by the majority of those present that a new school house be built on Lot l4 in the 12th. Concession of Howard Township.

Wm. Tape as Chairman and Archie McDiarmid, Secretary-Treasurer paid George Kemp for building fires in 1869 the sum of $1.50.

The new schoolhouse was built in the year 1870 on Lot 14 Concession 12 Howard North Half. The site being leased for a term of seventy and ninety-nine years, for the sum of 20 cents per annum, the same payable on the first day of July in each year, that is, to John Green 10 cents and to Richard F. Green 10 cents - the term of the lease beginning on the first day of July 1870. The estimated value of said schoolhouse and site is six hundred and twenty-five dollars.

December 30,1871 -- David Smith was duly appointed Auditor of the school accounts. It was ordered that two new benches be made and some old ones be repaired and also that the blackboard be lined for the use of singing school and music lessons.

In 1872 the total population of the section was 175 and children from 5 - 16 years numbered 66. In 1872 William Lane was paid $11.25 for 11 1/4 cords of wood; the Sunday school Library consisted of 123 volumes. The Sunday School was held under direction of Wm. Tape and David Smith.

In 1889 a brick schoolhouse was built on the same site as the old one, Lot 14, Concession 12. The old frame building was moved to Ridgetown and used as the Latter Day Saints Church in 1889.

In 1939 the building was remodelled - the windows being removed from one side, new blackboards installed and platform removed.

For several years the minutes recorded a good flow of natural gas which was used to heat the schoolhouse.

This noted schoolhouse was always named Green's School because there were so many people of that name living in the Section and all buildings, when built, were on farms owned by Greens.

Of the many teachers we could name, many of note. Of the men teachers three became lawyers and three became doctors. Many of the lady teachers became good mothers, wives and homemakers.

Green's School Section is proud of the record set by our noble boys in the two world wars.

The present School Board of 1946 is:

Leonard Clunis, Chairman
John ONeill
Carman McAllister
Duncan R.McDiarmid, Secretary-Treasurer
(On his thirty-sixth year)

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Transcribed from the records of Mrs. Geo. S. Brien, Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute.