Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute
Mrs. Geo. S. Brien's Records

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My grandmother, Mrs. George S. Brien, formerly B. Irene Simpson, was a charter member and first president of the Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute. Among its activities, the Institute encouraged its members to collect and document local history.

Among my grandmother's possessions was a binder, consisting mostly of type written pages that appeared to be copies of some of the histories developed by members of the RRWI or copied from other sources. The following transcriptions were produced from those pages and are, for the most part, unedited. The articles generally relate to landmarks, schools, churches and families in and around Ridgetown.


Some Pioneers
Place Names
Howard Agricultural Society
Experimental Farm (1)
Experimental Farm (2)
Early Newspapers
Charles Eastlake
Willson, Lozar & Deane
John McGregor & Monuments
O’Neill, Township Clerk
Some Prominent Men
Harry Stennet
Jack Leitch
Rondeau Park
Some Prices (1895 & 1945)
Ice Storm (1950)
Marsh Farm
Fred Brien Farm
Fox Farming
Harrison Farm
John Scane's Farm Property
Scane Cemetery
Ridgetown Town Clock
Erie Street Church
Mount Zion Presbyterian
Anglican Church
Marsh Street Baptist
St. Michael's Parish

Public Library
Mills at Morpeth
Stage Coach
A.J. Sales / Kysor
Laundries & Drycleaners
Tube Turns of Canada
Silcox Hardware
Book Bindery
Conklin Planing Mills
Botany Church, Howard Twp
Trinity Church, Howard Twp
Trinity Women's Auxiliary
Pentecostal Church
Ridgetown Public Schools
Ridgetown Schools
Ridgetown High School
SS #4, Greens School
SS #5, Reeder School
SS #6, Scane School
Rushton School
Kent Log School House
Interesting Items / Fires
Bits of History
Early Ridgetown History
Old Town Hall / Twp Hall
Howard and Twp Hall
Greenwood Cemetery
RRWI - Final Meeting

Download consolidated ASCII text file [96Kb].

The RRWI no longer exists. An article, reprinted in the Ridgetown Dominion on November 27, 1985 under the banner "1975" read

The white candle burned slowly - lower and lower - a brief interval of brightness follows and then the light is out. The organization known as the Rural Ridgetown Women's Institute, after 38 years of service to the community, closed its books and the end of an era became a reality. Rural Ridgetown W.I. came into being March 3, 1937 at the home of Mrs. Fred Brien, Erie Street South.

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