August 13, 1967

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Scane Cemetery, which has not been used for more than fifty years, was rededicated on Sunday, August 13, 1967, by the Reverend Mervyn Tubb, minister of the Presbyterian Church, Ridgetown.

The Cemetery is located on a hillside on the east side of the Scane Sideroad and a few rods south of the Ridge Road, Kent County, and was restored by the Ridgetown Jaycees Service Club.

Mr. Robert Martin, Chairman of the project, said more than seven hundred and fifty man hours were spent in restoration. The members had to cut down large trees and underbrush, replace fallen tombstones, rebuild the iron fence and install steps to the Cemetery grounds. Then the ground was levelled, fertilized and seeded with grass seed. Markers were broken in several places and scattered about the grounds. Some could not be repaired and frames were made to set the remaining pieces in.

Mr. Donald Galbraith, president of the Club, was chairman for the service. Mrs. Wm. Scane gave a brief history of the Cemetery. She said it is considered the oldest Cemetery in Kent County, the land having been donated by John Scane I, about the year 1829; same being a portion of his own land. Reverend Tubb said the Jaycees should be congratulated, undertaking this project while Canada was celebrating her 100th birthday, and that we should all be mindful for those who have gone on, remembering, also, those pioneers who came to this country and formed our Nation. On behalf of the Scane families, past and present, Mr. Wm. Scane voiced sincere and grateful thanks and appreciation to the Jaycees, and invited them to come with us to Rondeau Park to celebrate the 100th reunion of the Scane family. The Hymn "Oh God, Our Help in Ages Past" was sung and prayer by Reverend Tubb concluded the service. About fifty of the Clan were present.

During the 100th Reunion at the Park, historical booklets were distributed. Research for same being done by Irene and George Brien. Thanks and appreciation were extended to Mr. Victor Lauriston of Chatham and the family of the late Omer K. Watson Ridgetown, for their assistance. Thanks was also given Mrs. Ivan Guyett (Kathleen Brien) for typing copies.

President for the 100th Anniversary was Wm. (Baldy) Scane and Secretary Mrs. Wm. Scane.

inscriptions are:
1830 William, son John & Elizabeth
Feb. 19, 1830, age 1 yr.
1838 Mary A. dau John & Elizabeth Scane
March 4, 1838, aged 1 yr.
1838 Wm. Welbert, son of John & Elizabeth Scane
Jan. 1838
1871 In memory of Jane A. dau of Joseph & Harriet Scane
died Jan. 5, 1871, aged 4 mos. 10 days
  Sleep on sweet babe
  God called thee home
  He thot it best
1849 James Skafe 1849
  who departed this life sept
  also of his daughter Ann
  who died May 10 1842
1857 In memory of Elizabeth Alice wife of John Scane
died Jan. 27, 1857, aged 61 yrs.
1858 Tombstone (erected by Isaac Hartwick)
Hester died Mar. 25, 1858 aged 8 (or 80 - not clear enough to read)
1861 In memory of Ellen dau Joseph & Harriet Scane
died Dec. 23, 1861, aged 6 mos. 27 dys.
1865 Catherine Marsh wife of John Scane 12 April 1865, age 34
  In deaths cold arms likes sleeping here
  A tender parent - a companion dear
  In love she lived in peace she died
  Her life denied

(Note: This was Chas. W. Scane's Mother, grandmother of Carrie Mae, etc.)
1866 John L son John & Catherine Aug 22, 1866, aged 7 yrs.
  We loved this tender little one
  And would have wished him stay
  But let our Father's will be done
  He shines in endless day
1869 John T. son Joseph & Harriet Scane
died Mar. 25 1869 aged 6 yrs. 4 mos. 25 dys
  This lovely boy so young and gay
  Called hence by early - -
  Just come to show how sweet a flower
  In Paradise could bloom
1872 In memory of George W. son of Joseph & Harriet Scane
died Oct. 15, 1872 8 yrs. 3 mos. 6 dys.
  Mother's hope and Father's joy
  Deaths hand has here laid low
  God gave & took our darling boy
  To his command we bow.
1876 In memory of John Scane died Feb 17 1876
aged 75 yrs 2 mos 29 dys

(Note: Grandfather of Chas. W. Scane)
1879 Our Addie dear dau of Chas. E. and Adelaide Scane
Oct 26 1879   6 yrs.
1881 Darling Johnie son Jas. & Mary Young
died Apr 27 1881 aged 1 yr.
1882 Harriet Mabel dau Thos. & Sarah Jane Chamberlain
died March 9 1882 aged 8 mos.
1901 John Scane
22 April 1901 aged 77 yrs.
1910 John Toll
July 12 1885 aged 80 yrs.
Jane wife
Aug 13, 1910 aged 91 yrs.
1834 In memory of Thomas
son of John & Elizabeth
May 12, 1834, age 11 yrs.
1835 Ebenezaar son of John & Elizabeth
1853 Mary dau of Wm. & Ann Mitton
Oct. 13, 1853, age 10 days
1854 Maria wife of R. Mitton
Aug. 1854, age 27 yrs.
1851 Hannah dau James & Mary Ann Ellis
Nov. 1851, age 1 yr.
no date Edith dau of George & Anna
no date Ward son of George & Anna
1912 Baby dau of Howard & Jessie Pyne
1876 In memory of Lilian Mae dau of George Scane

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