from John Simpson

St. Davids* Oct 22nd, 1833

Dear Father and Mother Brothers and Sisters

I have the favourable Oportunity of wrighting to you these few lines to let you know that I am in good health And I hope they will find you all in the same and I received one of your letters on the 30th June whitch I was verry glad to hear that you ware all well and saying that my Brothers had some thoughts of coming here but I could not advise them to come here because I thought that i should not get one yeare over in this Country my self I think I would not like to come to Old England a gain if I had my Bred to work fore If thay should come I would advise them to come by the way to New York being so mutch better convienience for cuming up the country and mutch less Expence.

But how ever comes to this Country must expect to meat with many dificulties for when that you Dou get here the people all being strangers and you will be as strange with there work I have got aquainted with the Country and there work and I think I Never had my health better In my life then I have had this last twelve months and have been at work all most all the time I was over to york for my box whitch I left with James Thompson I Did not stop verry long there fore they did not behave verry well to me when I was sick there. I was seven soverins short when I left there besides the Doctor Bill for two months then I was two months at Isac Sompsons whitch I Could not work but verry little they behaved verry well to me but If any of you should come sespect that I shall have a home fore you to draw to

In a little time If it please God to spare me Father I think I should like to have a farme of my own and I would be verry glad If you could let me have a little money I think I would like to have a little Improved on it to start farming with no friends in the Country it is verry hard and I think I will marry after a little while to a yong gerrel from Northamton Shire

Dear Father If you please to wright me and let me know If my brothers are coming here then I will right to you again and let you know a little more about it I would have rought to you before but I was going to travle a little into the Un states but I Did not like it verry well then when I got back there had been a letter for mee but it was gon a would like to have got it or ne now it was from Lono more

At Present from Son John Simpson

John Simpson
Longmarton Near Apelby
County of Westmourland
Old England
[Postal markings: Liverpool Ship Letter]

[Note: Today there is a St Davids about 2 miles west of Queenston on the Niagara River (about 4 milles north west of Niagara Falls and about 6 miles southeast of St Catherines).]

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