from George Simpson

Liverpool May 11th 1834

Dear Father I have taken a favourable opportunity of writing to you to let you know that we are all well at present thank God & hoping to find you all in the same. We left Carlisle on the 2nd of May our goods went by the fl--- boat to Cowness [?] & we went on foot & then we put our goods on to a sloop and went a cross to Annan water foot, then we put our goods on board in the steam boat & stoped there all night, then we went to Annan the next night we set of next morning to Liverpool & arrived on Sunday morning about seven o clock.

we had a verry fine passage & there was only four or five of us got there without being sick. We have got verry comfortable lodgings & finding ourselves with praying 1st for one hed.

We have had a good deal of time to see Liverpool more than we wish'd to have had but we expect to Sail on the twelvth or thirteenth of this month in the vessel called Constitution of Pittston it being a verry fine new vessel only com'd one voyage from new York. As soon as we get over I will write again to let you know what such a passage we have had.

Please to let Uncle & Aunt know how we are coming on as soon as you can make it convenient & all enquiring friends Our fare will be from Liverpool to new York will be 3 pound 1 shilling per. We have had a verry slow passage so far but we expect to get better forward after a peace. We are all we & in good heart & hoping these lines will find you in the same.

So no more at present from your affectionate son
George Simpson

To Mr. Jo'n Simpson
Longmarton near
[Post mark: Liverpool, May 11, 1834]

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