from George & John Simpson

Mosa March 4th 1836

Dear Father & Mother Brothers & Sisters

I take this oppertunity of writing to you to let you know that we are all in good health thank God for it & hoping these words will find you all in the same &

I return my sincere thanks for what you have done for me for I have used the money for the bill & it amounts to more than I expected to have got for it I rec'd 336 Dollars for it which I only expected about 332 without any expense

on the last day of July I have paid for the hundred acres which I bought first I have lost nothing I had to pay a little more interest than I expected for the money I had got to pay which was 225 dollars about 1 year & 1/2 interest which amounts a little more than 242 altogether 317 paid

I have got 207 acres which I have paid for hundred & the other hundred & 7 acres I have paid 1 payment on it is a clergy reserve & the way that they sell it is to pay down 1 payment which is 53 Dol. & 1/2 & 9 instalments with interest on them as they come due each year for 9 years

I bought the hundred acres & not understanding it exactly it only covers on the increase & not being a verry good quality of land which I had some notion of giving up but if I had I should have lost the payment so I thought I would keep it

I saw this other 107 acres advertised amongst the other clergy reserve & I went to London on the day of sale there was a good many bidders for it & I thought it worth most to me of any person & I gave 5 dollars per acre

There is about 50 walnut logs cut on it which a man pretended he had bought the lot & sold them at 2 shillings per log take the ----- landing The land is most excellent & the river runs some crooked & it lays all the whole length on the river it has I believe there is about 40 or 50 acres all flat on it heavy timbered

My brother & I went to it 10 days there and home again in the nights & cut down into wind rows betwixt 4 & 5 acres which I intend to let lay two or three years & cut more down in the winter just after I wrote the last letter I went out from my brothers & hired to axman in the name of Mr Johnson for 1 mo Sept'r for 11 dol and which I liked very much &

then I went to Mr Pearce's for 2 mo the man that I wrought for the other winter & kept the batch hall for him till him & his wife come about 5 hundred miles from home into the United States & he told people all around that he would rather have me to trust than any person else & I have not worked much for any person else but his relatives & I have heard some of them say that they were never so well suited I am not engaged at any place at present but I expect to be out of the bush soon as the spring arrives

My brother has got another daughter & her name is Jane a fine little girl & one of his bother in law was up & took them all down the country home & I kept house for him & took care of his property they were gone about a mo they gave him a horse cutter & horses to come back with he left his oldest daughter there

His father in law has sold his farm he only bought it about it about 3 years ago for 13 dol per acre & sold it for 22 they have moved over into the states to Lockport I don't know that weare of wanting anything there is everything that answers as well as things in the old country,

we recd your letter on the 29th of Feb which was dated Dec 9th I was sorry to hear [words scratched out] & I was glad to hear of the marriages & tell them I wish them much joy and I would be glad if you would send us all the news you can & fill up the white paper

I wish to let you know all I can There has been great deal of damages done at Buffalo by lake erie ----- water took a great many barrels of flower & pork & a great many other articles the cause of it was by a west wind

The river Thames has been surveyed last fall & I expect they will soon have it made navigable The united states wants to have a charter granted to put a rail road up the country from the lower part of lake erie ----- the upper part The Canada people is pretty -------but the states is very enterprising sort of people for rail roads & canals there is one rail road a bout 1500 miles long The Letters cost about 2 s. English betwixt New york & here both ways which is about 400 miles



Dear Friends- I now take opertunity of writing to you these few lines to let you know that we are all well at preasent thank god and hoping they will find you in the same God Bless you all I have not had my health very well lately whitch keeps me back some

If any of you should come here by new york up erie canal you must enquire for Mr Tomlinson Sulphre spring farm 3 miles above lockport close by the canal as they would be very glad to see any of you and perhaps little Betsey some of them would come along with you They taken another farm about 500 acres of cleared land and 300 of woodland which they give 1200 dollars per year and

I was to old Isaac Thompson and I saw Cousin John Strong there and they ware all well Mary joins in love withe me to you all and uncles & aunts and all enquiring friends So I remain your Affectnet son

John Simpson


I dont like to encourage but I should like to see some of you you must excuse me for I have not much time give my kind love to all Uncls & Aunts & cousins & all relatives & my love to I Earl, G Pa---- W. Jameson J. James an B. Richmond & I wish my love to be sent to T. Carl W. P----- & I remain unmarried yet & not thinking at all about it I remain all your well wishers

George Simpson

Receive it yourself Dear Father

[Letter folded & sealed as envelope]
Mr John Simpson
Longmarton near Appleby
County of Westmorland

This letter is not part of the Warner Collection of Simpson Letters but was posted on Dennis Simpson's website.

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