from Edward Simpson

Sunday July 24th 1836

Dear Father Mother Brothers and Sisters

I send my cindest love to you hoping to find you well as it layse me at preasent time we landed at Newyork on the 23 June and I paid 5 pounds for my fare for coming a cross the See. on the night we took oure fare to Albany. I then took the canal boat to Locport and John Robinson hired a Wagon to cary there luiges to the rufe [?] road and then he took their fair two Cannectady it is about 36 miles and as I was going up the canal the boat stoped at Cannectady about an our and a half and as I was going to look for them he was coming a cross the Street And he tould me that he had got a place about a mile and half of and he asked me If I would go and they would mack some Tee and I left them in a very bad hart and on 30 June I got to Mr. Tomlinson and I like the Country but I supose you would like to now how they carid on ther work

They feel the treese about Two yards from the ground and then they yoke two oxen to them and draws them to gether and then they bourn them and they paster it a year or two and then they pule it out with fore oxen and I was plowing with two oxen one day. I had a lad to Drive them.

I think I will stop at Mr. Tomlinson about two Mounth as the wages is very hie they are from 10 Dowlers to 12 Dowlers a month and Mr Tomlinson tould me if I would stop he would go with me after we had got the hae in and he tould me he was going to send a letter to John and he would rite a line for me.

you must must give my compliens to all encuirens friends and you may give my complins to John Lunson and tell him that my boxes was clashed very much and I had to take a hamer and brak the Lock of the -----box

I am yours
Edward Simpson

Mr. John Simpson
Longmarton Near
Old England

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