from George, Edward & John Simpson

Mosa Oct'r 8th 1836

Dear Father & Mother Brothers & Sisters I take my first leave & opportunity of writing to you to let you know the state in which we occupy we are all well thank God for it & hoping these lines will find you all in the same if the Lord grant it

I have not done any work on my place since the last time I wrote I went out to work last spring on the latter part of april & have lately got back to my brothers which I found my brother Edward safe arrived & well which I was verry glad &

I give you great thanks for the present you sent me I wishing my kind love to Marg Anderson & thank her for the present she sent me but I have not seen it yet which I expect I soon shall for I have been living with Mr Wm Pearce this summer till late one of the gentleman brothers that I lived with first master I had I have rec'd 12 dol. per mo. this summer & I was down to St Thomas & there was a gentleman wanted to get some person this winter & he was speaking to me about it & I told him of Edward & I think he will go there if all be well he told me that he would give 8 dol. per mo. & more if he could earn it I expect it will be a verry nice place for him he keeps a house a cow or two he is a master shoe maker keeps to or 3 hands constant employ & I expect to be a mo. or six weeks near to St Thomas to chop cord wood for Mr Leslie Pearce

I paid another payment this summer on my clergy lot being about 36 dol. & 3/4 with the harvest on the said payment I mean interest & payment together I left my place in harvest 10 days to help my brother to harvest as he was very sick but thank God he has finely recovered I intend to commence soon to get me out timber to put myself up a house for to work part on my own place this winter if all be well & then work out next summer again I was making a calculation of making a commencement on my farm this next summer of clearing & putting in crop as I did not know but [Almost 7 lines scratched out and illegible] & if I have my health I think I can clear it easy enough if the Lord spares me

where I have ever lived I think I can go again if they want any person for they all seem to think a great deal of me & is very kind to me & for the most part call me Mr

There has not been very good crops here this season for it has been very wet this season but crops has been very fair on the dry land Pears has been very good but not much other fruit I suppose that crops has been very much cut off in the states this summer by frost & drowned out by water in the states

They have been surveying a rail road out on the south side of the river on the other side to us about a mile & a half from us & I think it will go on produce has taken a rise I think there is a call for it in the states

I cannot say no more at present for I expect my brothers will fill it up. Wishing my respects to all Uncles & Aunts & relatives To Jo'n Earl & Thomas Earl West Indies & all acquantances which is too troublesome to mention I was sorry to hear of J Robinson doing so badly I think perhaps he might do well if he be steady & God give him his health I suppose he stopped a schenectidy that is in york state but we have not ----- from them since th---- is nothing like people coming young to this country for they learn [**] good deal the best I wish you to excuse [**] father at this time & I ever wish to remain your son & obedient & ----- your ----- witnesss

George Simpson


Dear Father Mother Brothers and Sisters I take this opportuity of writing to you to let you know that I have arrived safe at my Brothers Place and I have had my health very well Thank god for it hoping to find you in the same and I had a rost turkey for my supper last night for John shot one in the morning which they sometimes weigh more than Twenty pounds and I like the cuntry very well and you must give my respects to all inquirens frends and recived it your selves I remain your loving Son

Ed Simpson


Dear Father And Mother & Brothers And Sisters I now rite these tow or three lines to let you no that we are all well thank God And hope it will find you in the same but I am sorry to say that I have been sick most all the sumer Thank God I have got pretty well again my sickness was the cause of taking medicine fore to cure the Ague which keeps me back from any work a good deal

Dear Father I am verry mutch obliged to you for the present you sent me and it come verry acceptable as I have been troubled with sickness these two summers and I have got my crop all in which has been verry fair I have two wheat stacks one oats one Barly and two acres of Indian Corn and

my Daughter Betsey Ann remains at my father in laws She is well and Edward was working 2 months there and he had 10 Dollars per month till he got an answer from me Mary joins withe me in Love to you all and all relatives So we remain Your loving Son and Daughter

John and Mary Simpson


Mr John Simpson
Longmarton, near Appleby
Old England
[Postal marks: Liverpool Ship Letter; Mosa, Oct 17, 1836 (hand written)]

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