from John Simpson (Sr) in England

Longmarton March 1st 1837

Dear Sons and Daughters I take this Favourable oppertunity of writing to you thes tow or three lines in good health thank God for it and I hope thay will reach you in the same as thay leave us all at present thank God And we recived your letter on the 28th of November 1836 baring the date of October 8th which we read with pleasure to hear that you wear all well and John had got quit better of his sickness Betey sends her cind love to you all

we have had a verry good crop this year we set up 17 Oats staks and 3 of barley and 3 of wheat which we got verry well but thear is a good deal badly got in this country and A great deal heat and owing to the wet wether in the latter part of the season in back parts verry badly got as it ripened very sloly in all parts but in back parts never got ripe at all but oats has a good deal of greans in them in general but corn sells well this winter Wheat from 15S. to 1 per bushel Oats from 1. 5S. to 1. 15S. per qr. Barly from 10S. to 15S. per bushel butter 1S. per lb Beef 6D. per lb Porck from 5S. 9D. to 6S. 2D. per ston hay 9 D. per Ston we have killed 4 pigs which will weigh 110 ston all to gether we have only 4 fat cows this winter.

Richard has got to plow, Isack is servant with John Allison Taties is a failing crop hear and verry dear from 4 1/2D. to 6D. per ston all work is a good deal better hear than it has bean espesly Manufactrion.

I is intending to send you sum money but I intended it for Edward but you are to have the loan of it till you are set at liberty but if you think you have bought to much land you may let him have a lot of it but you must pleas your self a bout it but I dow not wish him to push you for it I will send 70 for you and 5 for John As he has not had his health verry well

you be as kind as to wright as sown as you can and let us know if you have heard any thing of John Robinson and Jane and the family for we have not heard any thing of them So pleas to wright as sown as you can. the Influnza or a very bad could has prevailed all over this country hardly 1 has escaped and many hundreds Dead in great towns

So now I mus In form you what has happened hear Sins Edward came to you for he would tell you all the news but I must leaf sum for the bill Mathew Thompson has died and ouer Margret is leaving with ould Betty John Thompson and James Atkinson and owld Miss Elwod and old John Hunter and litel Mary Atkinson has all died and William Bird has Married with Robert Bird Widdow So no More at preasant

from you Affectionet father
John Simpson

To Mr George Simpson
Mosa Township
London District
U Canida

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