from John & Jane Robinson

Rotterdam November 20th 1838

Dear Farther & Mother Brothers & Sisters

You wished to know how i like a merica if i must tel you not as well as I expected for theire is hard times heare as well as England i do not know but people may get a good a living heare when i think a bout you all it makes me very sory i could not advise any person to come i might as well bean at Marton as heare for seing my brothers expect my mother will stope at home it would be a good while be fore she would be as comfortable a gain I dou not expect to se any of you any more in this world but I hope we shal all meat in the next

I think i should not like to come back a gain if i could write to you myself it would be some pleasure to me deare sisters you must learn to write for I find the want of it i wondered that Betsy had got nothing to say i expect my mother will be very well of now the girls will al be up

william sometimes speaks a bout James in a little I hope William will be able to write for me William & Mary goes to the schoul we a Doler each per quarter and bourds [boards] the Manster [Master] 6 days an [Anne] remembers much a bout Long marton she thinks that she will be biger than her ant agness John speakes the best Language We have got a little girl on the second of march we caule her Margret Elizabeath ann wanted to caule her name Margret I wanted to caule her Elizbeth and we named her Margret Elizabeath this last yeare our children has not been very healthy This year William and John has had the scarlet feavour smole pocks has been very much around heare there has a great many died in them

We had a very hot sumer to an ecstream in winter it is very could we had snow till the first of may it fell about haf a foot thick of snow on sunday night

Crops has been very good heare in this part they dou not raise much wheat for the Weavle gets into it when it is nearly ful we soed hot lime on it when it began to fill it did no good

flour is as far as nine Doler per Barel Rie 1 doler per Bushel Barly 6s. per Bush Oats 3s. - 6d. per B. we never have seane Oat meale since we came heare pate [potatoes?] 3s. B Butter is far 2s. heare muton 5/6 Sent per lb

If you any ----- [news?] on who has come to mericay that lives neare of schnecady you must let us know of any pearson that we now comes to america we would be glad to se them they will come to alboney on a steam boat thay must take there faire one a knel boat 3 miles above schenecady to the first lock we live a bout a mile from it they must enquire for Mr Yates mills we heard of some english people who went through the lock this summer but we could not make them out heare is a gentleman coming to England to travel it through he lives hundred yards from us his Name is Mr Cammel I will give Direction to caule and se you he is a single man and my Marster is too of the Richest men in our Part There so many people comes to this country that makes it ----- provisions heigh

You must give your kind compliments to Robert stemson we would like to have a letter from him you must give our compliments to ant Mary & Bety Pegy you must our compliments Jon Strong and ant Jane would like to have an evning craick [?] with her ant gin our kind compliments to Mary and let us know where she got her Man and what they are douing Like wise Uncle Isac and ant and to there familes and to Mrs Lee Janes and ans kind compliments Ben Spreding & Miss Elwood our compliments George Sampson and Agness you must give compliments to all our Neighbours and when rite to us let us know al your can

we Received a letter from our Brothers one the 4 of may at that time there great disturbance there John mention he that George has got married and they move all well we received your letter on the 11 of may which we ware al glad to heare that you ware a[**]ell We understand that there is grea[**]turbance in upper canady a gain They w[**]istroying al be fore the

we have got chi[**] close by it is the duch reform [**] they babtise there children there Pan[**] ------ up for them when a couple an[**] maried the Minister goes to the hous or in evning and maries them when there is funeral the Minister goes to the house and make a prayer and they taik the corps right to the church yard you must give our kind love Bety Golden an Roben Likewise to Sister Ann and tell them to make 1 as soun Whe can

We are your Affectionate son and Daughter - John and Jane Robinson

You must not mind for being neglecful of riting

Mr. John Simpson
Long Marton near Appleby
Ould England

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