from John & Mary Simpson

Mosa Dec 2nd 1839

Dear Father and Mother Brothers and Sisters

I now take the opertunity of riting to you Once more as I do feel ashamed that I did not rite to you before but the reason whie we was expecting A letter from you but I hope you will excuse me this time As George did not give me a chance to rite with him as I was gone Down to Lockport at that time I suppose I could have rote with him but his wife would have him to rite at the time

I was gone and I understood Edward that he had rote to you since and he said that he had rote something that you would not like verry well and he said that was the reason that you did not write to us but he would not tell what it was that he had rote and I should like to no the reason that you did not rite to us as it has been so long since we received any letter from you

Edward has bought 100 Acres of land Ajoining to Georges Farm at 5 Dollars per Acre and George is going to let him have about 20 Acres more towards the money that you sent out for him and he is now at work uppon it and we have built him a house a few days ago Edward and George and his wife and little boy A eleven months old was Down to our house yesterday and they ware all well And me and my Family are all in good health thank the Almighty for it And I hope this will find you all in the same

And I sent a few lines and the Children sent some little presents with John Strong when he was to our house in the summer and was expecting to come home this fall and we have four little Children now Betsy Ann and Jane Both whent to School last Summer when they ware down to Lockport but we only sent Betsey Ann this summer as the School was some Distance of And I expect they are cumming for her this winter as her Grandmama wants her so verry much to go and live with her again And we are going to build a School house near at hand next Spring And I was one of the Trusttees for that last summer And Thomas has grown a fine Bigg Boy he talks about everything his is about two years and a half old and the little Girl nearly four months old.

And I received A letter from Sister Jane A bout four months ago and they ware all well and was living with the same Gentleman yet and as far as I could understand by the run of their letter that they dow not like the Country So well as they expected and their has been rather troublesome time these two last winters hear

and there is some talks of some more disturbances yet betwixt the Durhamites and the Tories Lord Durham got a Good deal of prais here and I think their must be some thing Don for the Country before it settles down again in peas they are holding Political meatings all most every Day in the country what they call the Durham Meetings and the Country seamed to be rather Dul for traid at the preasent Fall Wheat was verry pour in general this year

I had about as Prity a crop as I ever so stand but the weather was rather wet and it struck with the rust and shrunk I had a verry good Crop of spring Wheat and I had a verry good crop of Oats and Peas and about 150 Bushels of Potatoes and I expect that I have got about 100 bushels of Indian Corn to sell yet after Fatting 5 hogs of it which weing about eleven hundred Weight alltogether. It is selling from 5 Dollars to 8 Dollars per Hundred lb I have sown betwixt 5 and 6 acres of Wheat this fall the ground which I cleared of last summer If all be well and I have my health I expect to build a new dwelling House [**]

Please to excuse me this time give my best res[**] Brothers and Sisters Friends and Relations and all enquiring Friends ----- Receive it your Selves So no more at Preasent from

your Son and [**] and Mary Simpson


Dear Father & Mother I now [**] riting to you these few lines as John should not think [**] more to rite, you must please to excuse me, but I must tell you that John George & Edward are all waiting verry asiously to receive a Letter from you their is not a time when they meet but wat they talk about you all you must not think that they are forgot you altho they are a long way from you but we hope by the blessings of God that you will be able to see each other again John often says he would verry much like to see you all again, George & Edward had no particular word to send, but sent their kind love to you all, and John would like verry much for you to rite as soon as you receive this. Betsey Ann, Jane and Thomas send their love to their Grandfather and Grandmother their Uncles and Aunts you must please to excuse my bad riting for I wrote in a hirry, My Dear John joins in love with me to you all from your Affectionate Son & Daughter

John and Mary Simpson

Mr John Simpson
Long Marton
County of Westmorland
Old England

[Note: Following the 1837 Rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada, Lord Durham was sent to Canada determine the causes and report back to England "respecting the form and future government of the said provinces" The established wealthy families, as represented by the Tories strongly resisted change.]

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