from George & John Simpson

Mosa January 17th 1841

Dear Father & etc.

We have received your letter & I was glad to hear of you all being well thank God & I hope this will find you the same if the Lord please & I have rec'd your present & I am verry thankful for it

Edw'd was here with us at Christmas & he was well. he is living with my wife's Uncle Mr. Patterson Esq. he likes the place verry much.

We had a vissit from Cousin John Strong last june he has had his health verry well he has bought one hundred acres of wild land four miles from Woodstock about sixty miles from us betwict London & Hamilton he did not see Edw'd when he was here. John Strong give 2 dol per acre for his land.

I rec'd a letter directed for Edw'd from Joseph Pearson Lawson [?] dated december 23rd, 1840 black bath coal mines State of Virginia he wishes to know the particulars of this country & he wished to know the wages for joiners for he would like to come this way as soon as is convenient he dont like that country. there is to many slaves. There he says he is all the white joiner there is in that part working an the pits he says they have from 1 1/2 to 2 dol per day & the wages here is only from 1 to 1 1/4 dol per day but times is not verry good at present here

money is scarce wheat from 4 to 5s. york & all other grain verry low cattle is verry cheap at present about 1/2 price they were three years ago one might buy a good yoke of oxen for forty dollars & I have known sold for one hundred I have seventeen acres cleared land now four aces of wheat in & I expect to sow two acres of spring wheat.

I am verry sorry Edw'd is not here now to join with us to you but he is verry ----- ---- to you he has no set time yet when he will come to his own farm

we were at St Thomas on the last of oct'r [?] getting our youngest boy baptiz'd we call his name Jakes [?] both Wm Henry & John grow verry fast they are two verry healthy children thank God for it. Sarah joins with me in love & gratitude to you all.

George Simpson


Dear Father I must let you know a little about how I am geting along

I have got the most part of my money yet I have Bought a yong Mare 3 years old in the spring she is verry hansome I paid 30 Dollors in mony and 6 Bus of wheat for her I am a Bout bying a waggon as waggons is cheefly used here in this Country from an old neighbour of mine he Bought it new 2 years agoe to move to the Staits and he is moved back a gain and I think I can get it for 50 Dollars half money and half traid that is grain Pork Stock or any thing of that kind as money is verry scarce at this time I have one yoke of oxen and 1 yoke of stears that I work and I have sold another yoke of stears for choping this winter A Cow calved and 2 to calve in the spring and 2 little heffers and 1 Calf I have got 14 Sheep which we manufacture all our Coarse Clothing from the wood of them I have got 12 hogs to winter over this winter what you call swine I only killed 4 this last fall & one of them weighed rising of 300 lb weight they recon her so many Pounds weight their is nothing recconed by the Stone Pork is only selling from 3 Dol to 3 1/2 per Hundred Pounds. Crops were verry good here last sumer except spring Wheat. they Distill a good Deal of grain into whiskey about hear We can By Whiskey hear for about 1s. and 2d. per gallon English money

I expected that Cusin John Strong was home when I rote home to England last time I sent a letter and a few little preasents with him which my wife and Children wanted to send them he has been up to my house since and Brought them back a gain and I Believe he is dowing verry well he has Bought him some lan--

Dear Brother Wen you come to this Country I should like for you to call and see Sister Jane the last Directions that I got from them was Rotterdam Mills Schnectda and when you get to Lockport you can call and see Mr. Tomlinson people they would be glad to see you they live on the ridge Road a peace from Lockport you had better come up Lake Erie to Detroit and from their to Chatham up the River Thames

Mary and the Children Join'd in Love with me to you all. So no more at preasent from you Affectionate Son and Daughter
John and Mary Simpson

[Notes: 1. The letters of George & John were both written on the same paper. 2. Joiner: a carpenter, especially a cabinetmaker.]

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