from John & Jane Robinson

Rotterdam Jan'y 20, 1841

Dear Farther & Mother

We embrace this opportunity of writing these few lines to you these leaves us all well at present thank God for it We hope they will find you all in the Same. For it is a great blessing to be well for I have had the feavour and Ague for 10 weaks and Jane has had it for 11 weaks We think we got the Sick ness with moving the Distance we moved is only a bout four houndred yards thear was a little warter in the seller flour We think the warter is not so good as it was when we lived with Mr. Yates

I am working on the knell for 6 shilling a day If all be well in the Spring we think of moving to Youpper Canidy We have had a letter from our Brother And they ware all well Jane and I thenkes you for the present of money you sent us

We understand that William is coming out in the Spring When you land at New York take your passage in a steame boat to Alboney You must take a knell boat at Alboney to the first lock Above Schenecatady You must enquir at the Lock for John Coale the Lock tender We live a about a mile from the Lock we will like to go by the first of May If we go before you come we will leave word at the ['at John' crossed out] We will leave word at John Coles the Lock Tenders

Jane says you must fetch your self a good iorse tope coat and some flanel shirts for winter Jane says the Girls is to keep -- Maried and she would like to sea them all Jane wishes her mother to send her a pair of stays If you pleas

An & William & Mary goes to the schouel Margret Eliza is almost as large as John is she will be 3 year ould in the second of March An worked for a gentleman for 3 Dolers a Months the last sumer we live a bout 8 hundred yars from the church There has bean abertract meeting at church for 3 weakes The smale Pockes is very smittle a bout hear ther is a good many dies in them There has been a man hung at schnectady an English man for killing a Woman a few weakes a go We never have sean any any person from the county of Westmorland yet

You must give our kind compliments to & Uncl John Strong and Ant Mary an all there Familey and Mrs Lee Likewise to Isac and Bella and Uncle William and Ant Mary and all there familey and Henry Atkinson and Betsy and Robert Steamson and John [-----] and William Walter [?] and Margret and Thomas Robinson and Margret and George Simpson and Agness and An Richardson and Margret Pleas give our Compliments to Sister an Atkinson and We expect she will have a letter from us before this time We send our kind Love to Farther and Mother Brothers and Sisters And Pray God bless you all

We are your affectionate Son and Daughter
John and Jane Robinson

Although the spelling is poor, the quality of penmanship is so improved over their previous letters, it seems that John & Jane probably did not actually pen the letter themselves.

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