from William Simpson

New York May 18th 1841

Dear Father Mother and Sisters and Brothers

I take an opportunity of writing a few lines to you in good health hoping they will find you in the same we arrived at New York on the 17 and I have taken my passage to Buffalo to go on the 18th I am still in the same spirits as I left John Strong at Carlisle. We have had a very good passage 36 days there was one day the sails were all obliged to be taken down we were droven by the wind 50 miles back our passage was not very comfortable there was too many on board being above 300 there was as far a 5 in a bed grown up people 3 in a bed there was 1 Child Died on the 11th of May 11 months Old Matthew Aldersons of Hilton there was a good many Irish we sailed by a good many ships that set off some 3 days and some 10 days before us

there was a woman that landed a week before us said the ship that she came in all the masts was broken down and the water was upon deck and the second Mate was blown over board and never seen more and the hatch ways were nailed down they were 7 weeks betwixt Liverpool and New York her Husband sailed a fortnight before her he has not arrived she had a very rough passage. There was a man arrived a fortnight before us there passage being 10 weeks they were 10 days amongst the Ice so you may think yourselves they were in great danger one morning the sailas saw two large peices of Ice there is sometimes peices of Ice floating on the water that would cover on Acre of ground

one morning there was 35 ships sailing on the water we sailed by many a score of Ships I have not time to write any more so you must excuse me the pens being bad too. I was never sick when I came on Sea. You must remember me to all Uncles and Aunts all that asks after me give my respects to them. Rachel Savage John Savage John Atkinson to all others

Wm Simpson

You must excuse me time is short. Your must let John Shields know that we are safe landed Thomas Gowling also

Mr John Simpson
Long Marton
Near Appleby
Old England

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