from William Simpson

Mosa Dec'br 20th 1841

Dear Parents Brothers & Sisters

I now take another opportunity of writing a few more lines to you in good health hoping they will reach you in the same I have never received the scrape of a pen from you, but if you have sent a Letter off for me there is no occasion to write an answer to this one but if not be as kind as write to me immediately for I am looking for a letter. One Year will soon be past since I left Long Marton I have never had any occasion to regret since I left home I promised Mother that I would let her know what was the best upon Ship Board every thing that I had was excelent I sold both Pork and Eggs and I think 1/2 a Pound of Tea and 1/2 a Pound of Coffe and a Ham 24 lb weight would be sufficent besides other things but it is better to have to much than to little about 40 Eggs is plenty I was never sick so I had no occassion for the Liquor I sold half off the Brandy it was the Eggs that spoiled Edwards Bread but if we had been on Sea 8 weeks all that I had perhaps would have been little enough

I promised Father that I would let him know about Georges Farm I am very sorry to have to write such a Letter but I will write to you the truth as far as I am able we understood when I was at Home that he had lost some Money but no such thing but I do not like it very well the way that he had done on Account of the Money that was sent to Edward and he had to have the Loan off it. You will understand in the first place that the Land is all surveyed into Lots and all numbered 1. 2. 3. and so forth some Lots Deeded some for one thing and some for another and they are all laid out upon Maps and when people is thinking of Buying Land they go and view the Lot over which they think they would like to have then they go and take their number out

either pays one payment or the whole The government allow them three Years to pay for it the Lot that George had fixed upon the it belong to the Clergy Reserve the man that he went to buy it off had not it in his power to sell it he took out a number of a Lot and paid for it and then a while after he found out his mistake it proved to be the Lot behind that he was calculating to have he lost no money he got a Hundred acres of Land This other Lot was to be Sold by Auction he went and bought it It would been a great deal better if he had made the first Lot do. there was a good many people for this Lot which made him have to pay dear for it the first Lot was 3 dollars per Acre and the other 5 Dollars per acre. If he had gone to the right place at first I have no doubt but that he might have bought it for 3 dollars per Acre it would have made a good many dollars difference to him a dollar is 4 shillings English The last Lot he bought he had 10 Years to pay it in I think he might have done quite different with the Money of Edwards that he had the Loan off by all means he should have paid it upon his Land John advised him to go down to Toronto but he would not I understood when the money was sent it was intended for him to pay off for his Land he has only payed four payments upon the last Lot He had more money by him at that time than would have paid for it but he paid the money out other ways and he has nothing to shew for it I do not know what he has been thinking about the last 20 pounds that he had sent to him he did not pay upon his Land George could not pay Edward any Money he was got very dissatisfied & I was obliged to buy his Land and the Debt that George owed him but I would never have come near them but I thought it was very hard for Edward to be out of his money as I was at home when the money came off if George had only paid it upon his Land it would have been nothing he owes me 276 Dollars that is 51 pounds and a Dollar I am going to take a piece of Land in part pay and the rest in Board and other ways

The Land that I am going to get of him it is belonging to the last Lot he bought he cannot give me a Deed upon the Land because he has not paid for it and I have to pay 5 Dollars per acre it would have made a great deal of difference to me if he had bought it for three Dollars per acre If he does not pay off for the land in 10 Years the Interest will cost him a great deal more. His calculations has done wrong for him he thought he would raise stock and sell them but stock is selling very low now to what they were when he begun Farming he has got a nice little stock of Cattle and about 30 acres Clearance if he does not pay for the Land perhaps he will [**] or the Interest will eat up what he has pa[**] looses the Land he gets no pay for his impro[**] and what improvements I make upon tha[**] look upon him for my pay but I have nothing [**] for it if he had a mind he might set his foot upon it He has two debts looking at him what he ows me and what he owes for his land if he had only paid off for his Land he would only been in my Debt. He is Industrious and works pretty hard The time are rather dull at present but if the times should take a turn I hope he would soon be able to pay it off

Edward has bought another [**] joining to Cousin John Strong near Wood Stock [**] got the Deed of it we expect John Strong up [**] -tamas John Robinson and his Family [**] from Shenectady about 8 weeks ago and [**] living near to brother John and he has given them their money that was sent for them and they are wanting to buy a small farm or rent one Brother John has bought 8 acres of more Land which being most excellent for a suggar Bush and he has paid for it and he will get his deed this winter he bought it for 50 Dollars and I have heard him say he would not take 100 Dollars for it.

After a person gets a Farm paid for and a stock of Cattle and a few sheep they may live comfortable by being a little industrious John made betwixt 60 and 70 Yards of Cloth from their Sheep this Summer for their own were. We are all well and expected to meet at Brother Georges at Christmas Day to Dine upon roast Goose any particulars you want to know you must write to me.

I am yours
Wm Simpson

Mr John Simpson
Long Marton
Near Appleby
Old England

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