from Edward Simpson & John Strong

Zora Febuary 5th 1842

Dear Friends I Take the opertunity to wright to you these few lines to let you know that I am in good health thank God for it and I hope these few lines will find you all in the Same

I am now living in Zora I Bought a lot of land joining to John Strongs Place it is a hundred acrs of [**] land and had about 6 acrs choped [**] --they Cleared on it and I Bought it for 3 Hundred Dollars and I think I like this part of the Country a good Deal better than I did the part where my Brothers lives it is not so fare back in the Country it is only about 5 miles from a beautiful village Coled Woodstock it is a florishing Place and like to become a large towne I am working with a Scotch farmer at Preasent but I intend working on my own place in the Soummer I have a man Choping some fore me this winter for some work that I Did for him I would like to buy a yoke of Oxen in the sommer to log and Plough my land but I do not think I shal be able as money is very Scarse hear we can get plenty of work hear but not much money we have to take stock or crop for it

I Sold my Old place to my Brother Wm for a great Deal les then I ought have Don for after all my labour and the work that I Did on it I was louser by it I have not got mutch to write about at present but John Strong and I thought we would wright. One Letter betwixt us this is a good place for meetings we have a great Pleas[**] hearing the word of God Preacher[**] so I must Conclude to leave [**] for Coson John with my sincer respects to you Dear Farther and Mother and Brothers and Sisters and all enquiring friends and I remain your affetionate Son
Ed'd Simpson


Zora febuary 5th 1842

Dear friends I take the Opertunity to write to you these few lines to let you know that I am in very good health thank God for it an I hope these few lines will find you all in the same I have bein thinking long for a letter from you and you must excuse me for not wrighting to you souner I am now living in the tounship of Zora but not on my own place this wintir wich I expected I would But I intend to live on my own place in the Spring I have got my house bilt and finished and have got a nice little farm I have got a bought 12 acrs Choped and Cleared and abought 8 acrs sown with wheit and the other I intend puting in with Spring Crops such as potatoys turnips and Indin Corn I have got a Cow and a [**] I am now working out by the munth [**] mounths for a yoke of Sters 4 years Old witch is 48 Dollars that is 12 Dollars per mounth

I saw a man at woodstock village last week from near Carlile which gave me some nuse from Sister Jane which gave me great pleasure Dear freinds I am a bout to begin for my self and I find it very hard to get every thing that I want but if I was nearer you some littel thing or another would be very useful but this is the Country for a poour man that is willing to work I am not married yet but I think I shal take a wife befor long has I think I cannot do much on a farm with out a one

Dear Freinds wright to me soun has I am very anctons to hear from you there is a famaly hear from grisval by the name of John Jackson they came out a year ago so I must Conclude with my Sincer respects to Dear Farther and Mother Brothers and Sisters Uncals and Ants and Cosins and all enquiring Freinds and may the Lord Bles you and at last receive you into is Kingdom and so no more from me at Preasant and I remaine your ever afeteionate Son

John Strong

You must Direct to me John Strong in the Toaneship of Zora District of Brock Woodstock Post Office Province of Canada America

Mr John Simpson
Longmartin Near Appalby
[Post mark: Woodstock, Mar 15, 18--]

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