from John & William Simpson
& Benj. Armstrong

Mosa Oct 26th 1842

Dear Father & Mother Brothers and Sisters

I now take an opportunity of writing to you thes two or three lines in good health hoping they will find you in the same

John Robinson and his Family is living on a farm ajoining mine they find half the seed that they sow they have rented it for three Years they have to give one half of the Crops that they raise upon it for the rent they have all the farming utensils found them it does not take many in this Country John Robinson and a Neighbour have bought fourteen Acres of Wheat it is good I think they will have a good Bargain by it

Wheat in Selling very low here, two Shillings English per Bushell We allow 60 lb to the Bushell that is half a Dollar per Bushel. Stock also is very low it makes the times seem rather Dull. The Crops in this Country was very much injured by a heavy Frost in the Month of June all New Land Wheat very much. And the greatest Hail Storm that ever was known in this Country it happened in the same Month which did a great deal of hurt One of my Neighbours had 20 Acres of Wheat he Estimated his loss at three Hundred Dollars that in the Value of 60 pounds English 20 pounds is a Hundred Dollars another neighbour had two hundred Loss and others in proportion The storm went in a Streak across the Country Mine was hurt a little by the Frost There was plenty of Hailstones as large as a man fist knocked down Horses cut large gashes in them.

John Robinson people is intending to write to you but they are long ----- before they begin I expect they will write in the cource of a few weeks So I must conclude by leaving it for William to fill up the Letter he is down upon a visit to see us. This is the first Letter that is come since William come to America Bearing Date Feb 28th 1842 That one you wrote two or three weeks after Broug Hill is Lost Our kind love to you all and my best respects to all enquiring Friends.

Your affecionate Son
John Simpson


Nov 1st 1842 Woodstock

Dear Brother

I have been upon a Visit to Mosa to see and to hear how all my Brothers and Sisters are getting along I found found them all in good health I left them on the 29th of October I made a Stay of four Days

I live near Woodstock not far from my Brother Edward and John Strong about 3 Miles I would wrote to you long before this but I only got this Letter when I was down upon a Visit to my Brothers Woodstock is about 60 Miles from Mosa. The Letter that you wrote to me about Brough Hill it is Lost. This is the first Letter that I received since I left Home and Bearing Date Feb 28th 1842. I read it with great pleasure to hear that you were all well But I feel sorry to hear that Aunt Isabella Williamson was laying in the same state as she was when I left and the Deaths that had happened. We must all submit to the will of God If we only be prepared to meet our God we need not care how soon.

I have engaged myself for one Year with a farmer near Woodstock from last June till June next for 120 Dollars that is 24 pounds English. I think I will work out while I am Single for in this Country people can do very little wanting a Wife upon a Farm. So then if you intend coming to America if you intend settling upon Land I advise you to bring a Wife with you there is a great many Girls but I would prefer an Old Country Girl you must let her know that I said she must begin to Spin this Winter for she will have to mak all her own cloth. I sometimes think I will come over in a few Years time to see you all but I would not like to stay in the Old Country but I will let you know befor I come to visit you but I may alter my notion it is a hard case for a man know his own mind three or four years befor hand

I have met with a good many English people I was in London on the 29th of Oct I met with Wm Crosby from Kirby Thore he is in good health I saw Mr Dalton Mr. Dixon This is a good country for the labouring class of people I like America first rate I have had my health very well I have not been of a days work since I come It is nothing for a young Man to come to America nor yet a Man that is new Married but it is a hard case for a Man with a Family of small Children to take such a journey -- ---- Them that is well off in the Old Country I advise for to Stay but them that had there ----- to work for I advise to come away

I understand John Savage is Married to Elizabeth Bellas Give my compliments to his Mother She must send word to them I wish them much joy my love to all the Girls Ro't Parkin & his wife much joy. You must let me know where John Atkinson the Butcher is [**] -mised him I would write to him my love to all the [**] a Girls about Longmarton if you can take a hint I have not forgot about them all to Uncles & Ants & Cousins & all enquiring Friends. When you write you can direct to my Brother John then he will write to me as to him as soon as you receive this Benjamine Armstrong Brother to Abel Armstrong Auctioner is going to write a peice in the bottom you can let Abel know when you go to Penrth Remember me to all my relations

I am you affecionate Brother
William Simpson


To Abel Armstrong Auctioneer Penrith

Dear Brother you will be surprised to find me here but I am now 1100 hundred miles from Walter I came from N.B. last Aug't 400 miles by land 700 by water and I am sorry I did not come here at first this is a much better Country than NB Give my love to Mrs Armstrong and all the family and tell Ew'd I received his letters which I was very proud of tho the last prov'd a "Messenger of woe" none but him has thougt me worth a letter you may expect the history of my sayings and doings in N.B. also an account of my trip to Uper Canada if I can cram it into a letter I am with our Cousin John Armstrong Todhillwood to work for him in good health and has been since I landed in America I have gain'd 12 lb in 6 weeks here and thats something Mr. Armstrong is doing very well I shall be with him all winter Walter talks of coming here in the spring but I have little paper here If you think me worth a line you will write I have wrote you several remember me to all old friends and mind some of you at least write me soon I will give my direction on the other end of the sheets Yours affectionatly in haste Ben B Armstrong

Gilnockie hall Nov 1st / 42

Direct to the care of John Armstrong Esqr
Gilnockie Hall near Woodstock Uper Canada
North America

PS There is a great many people here from near Penrith and I am just at home again.

Mr Isaac Simpson
Near Appleby
Post Mark: Appleby, No 30, 1842

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