from Isaac Simpson

[Letter not dated but envelope post marked March 14, 1843]

Dear Father, Mother Brothers & Sisters

I right to you a few lines in good health hoping to find you in the same. We landed at Annan on Friday we could not get out till sunday morning we landed in liverpool on sunday night 10 oclock and I and Thomas Alderson was very see sick and the other three was not see sick and we entert ourselves to a ship they call her Sherting we set out from liverpool on the 14 and we pay 10 pounds a peice and it is no use baking so many biskets for they alow every pasanger 70 lb of bread stoufs that 1 lb every morning bread if you fetch 70 lb of bread or biskets you will have to liver up to the capton and then he will liver out to you I paid him 10 pounds for my pasage and he allow me one pound every morning and I wad not liver up my biskets because the capton would put mine to other peoples then I will have my own to go to when I have a mind

It is the according to Act of parliment for the is so many poor people go to America and we are all in good health and we have very nice lodging in Liverpool and we met with Thomas Noble

So no more at present from
Your affectinate Son Isaac Simpson

Mr John Simpson
Long Marton

[Post marks: Appleby Mr 15, 1843; Liverpool (date illegible); Ken---- Ma 14, 1843]

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