from William Simpson

Mosa Jan. 14th 1844

Dear Father

I write a few lines to you in good health. hoping they will reach you in the same.

I received your Letter on the 10th of Jan. Bearing the Date Nov. the 20th 1843.

In answer to your Letter I must Inform you that George is 50 pounds in Dewt to me And I suppose Edward would loss about 11 pound by in the Bargain betwixt Edward and me was that I was to take some Land of George in part payment. But I do not see any prospects of George paying for his Land the time will be up in September next which being allowed for George to pay for it in. I would take the Land in payment if there was anyway provided for him He piece of Land which lays in the front of mine is about 40 Acres which would come to 40 pounds then I would take Stock for the remaining 10 pounds. I would not have Bought it of Edward but he was wanting to get his money of George Therefore I made a Bargain with Edward that I was to give him 80 pounds for his Land and Dewt which George owed him as then I paid 26 pounds more which being Due to the Man he Bought the Land off altogether being 106 pounds. George owes 82 pounds upon his Land yet. Therefore it is at your pleasure which way you will do George tells me if you will advance the Money for him he will give you security upon his Land

Wm. Simpson

Mr. John Simpson
Appleby Post Office
Old England

[Post marks: Mosa, 1844-01-17; Appleby, 1844-03-15]

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