from Anne Robinson (to grandparents)

Mosa 20 Jen 1844

Dear Grand Farther and Grand Mother

I emprove this oportunity of writing thes few lines to you in good health I may thank god for it you wil think it strange my Farther has bean so long of writing but as my uncles have bean writing so often he has neglected it my Father and Mother had a long seige of the feavour and ague the first summer we ware heare the rest of the familey had it last summer I had it ten weaks and shook every day

it is thinley seteled heare to what it was in the states I do not like this cuntry so wel as the states we are to miles from any school I never saw a church since we moved up heare a methodist minister preaches at one of our neighbours houses wonce in too weakes which we go to heare my Father is working uncle John's farm on shars this year he has got eight head of catle and five hogs we had one cow and a calf died last spring we have got seven geas and 20 hens

we have made 20 yards of flanel this winter and grew a fue ace of flax which wil spin this spring the people make a good dead of thare own clothing heare as money is scarce and clothing dear we thank you all kindley for the presents you sent to us grand Mother wisht to know how the stais fited they ware long enuf but a little to narow I would like to know which of my aunts wore that dark calico dress it fit me so wel I would like to know which of them and me ware so near of a sise I spun one month for aunt Mary this fall uncle William has bean at woodstock at John Strongs this winter they are all wel and have got a daughter

thare are great many wolves heare and some bears some of your neighbours wished to know what kind of houses we live in america in the states the huses are in general very good not so good heare as a great many of them are logbuildings thare are some good brick houses and some frame buildings

Robert Camplin lives with James Sam [?] a bout one mile and a quarter from heare they have drawn each of them one hundred acre of land Mother wishes I should thank grand Mother for the sovern she sent with uncle Isac you must give my Father and Mothers compliments to Robert Steamson and thank him for the shoes he sent for mary my Father and Mother send thare compliments George Simpson and Agnus likewise uncle Isac and aunt Ballow [?] likewise to uncle John Strong and his famely likewise to Mrs Lee likewise to uncle and aunt at nack [?] likewise to Henery Atkinson and Elisabeth give our compliments to aunt Margret and her husband we should like to have a leter from them William sends his compliments to his grand Farther and Mother and uncles and aunts the coat fit very wel the children sends there kind love to you all we shal be glad to have a leter from you as soon as you can make it conveniant give our compliments to my aunts and tel them my Father is going out to talbot streat to try to get one hundred acre of land he wil right to them as soon as he returns you must excuse my poor speling and bad witing as I have not bean mutch at school

I remain your afectionate grand daughter
Anne Robinson

Mr. John Simpson
Long Marton
New Appleby

[Post marks: Mosa, U.C., 4th Feb'y, 1844; Brough, Mar. 15, 1844; Appleby, March 15, 1844]

Note: Expression "farm on shares" means to farm on someone else's land with the proceeds being divided between the owner of the land and the person farming.

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