from William Simpson

London May 20th 1844

Dear Father & Mother Brothers & Sisters

I take another opportunity of writing a few lines to you in good health hoping they will reach you in the same I left Mosa in the latter End of March I am living at the same place when I wrote to you last Fall I was down at Mosa this last Winter and stayed three months with my Brothers I have had a Letter from them since stating they were all in good health Isaac had received a Letter from Edward and he was in good health and John Strong and Family also. I received your last Letter on the 10th of January I wrote to you on the 14th but I have not received any answer as soon as you receive this Letter you can write a few lines to me The English mail comes here twice a Month so if you write Immediately I can have an answer in a Month six weeks

You wished to know the particulars about the Concern that is betwixt George and me But if you received the last Letter that was wrote about the 14th of January the Letter stated all the particulars as well as it could be done in couting It was my Brothers wish John and Isaac that it should be wrote so I do not care which way it is done only I wished for some kind of a Settlement The longer it was going to run the worse it was it was going to be.

If I had not said something about it he would never have mentioned that he owed me anything all the dispute there was betwixt him and me was I was wanting to make some arrangements and he got angry at me for makeing a mention of it I thought it rather hard of him I thought it was the best way to write to you and let you know that you might send me your opinion about the matter at the same time I knew [--] would rather ---- your feelings but if you think I did not do right I ask your pardon It is my earnest wish that they should all do well and I am willing to help them as far as it lays in my powr But I am not willing to let them have any Money providing they Calculate to pay me again it is evry one for their ownselves in America If I do not look after my own affairs no person else will I expect you will allow that I would never have wrote to you about it but I saw plainly I was not going to get anything But I will leave it to yourself what way you think proper to do You must excuse me there is always a wheel within a wheel I want to have all my Affairs settled up I could have done better with George but his wife has a great deal to say sometimes

George owes about 84 pounds upon his Land besides he owes me 50 pounds but as for that of mine I had almost given it up as lost it is nearly three years since I give it to Edward I suppose Edward would loose 10 pounds by him but I have heard him say when he got his affairs settled up he would do something for Edward when he went upon his farm. [**] give him some stock But I will leave [**] judge for yourselfs.

The las time [**] an Mr Dixon they were saying they had never hea[**]nything from Charles Dixon of Appleby lately they wished me to mention it when I wrote if you would enquire how he was getting along then I can let them know William Crosy is at London I have not got any news to send you As soon as you receive this letter you can write to me [**] You must excuse them mistakes it is [**] in a hurry. So I must Conclude by w[**] health and prosperity long life and [**] If there is any particular news you can [**]

I am your son William Simpson

Remember me to John Atkinson Butcher

Direct your Letter
To the care of
Mr Goodhue
London Post Office
Upper Cannady
N. America

Mr John Simpson
Near Appleby

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